Cord-cutting is a great proposition for everyone. Mostly because it is cheap and because it increases the viewing options that a user has. Today, almost every traditional TV channel has an online counterpart that provides all the programming, but at a cost. So, while cost-cutting seems very good, consumers do end up paying a lot of money for individual channels – if their favorite channels are not available under a bouquet system.

In an era when production houses are pitching different web series to different streaming and tv platforms, it’s almost impossible to have all the series and movies channels that you like on one individual platform.

The one advantage of the stand-alone TV apps is that they provide their content at the best digital quality. In some cases, the subscribers to the channel’s streaming apps get access to their big-ticket content earlier than the traditional tv subscribers.

With Smart TVs, we now have the option to watch live tv channels and everything that we need via the Internet. Also, using streaming apps on laptops and even mobile phones and tablets might be clunky, because they don’t have the interface, we are accustomed to since the dawn of home television – the humble remote.

Introducing cCloud Kodi TV addon

There is one solution to this issue, software that allows users to watch TV content on your Kodi app for free. Kodi is an app that can be installed on your TV, PC, mobile, and tablets. The app started as an excellent option for viewing movies and has since evolved into a complete entertainment package.

The Kodi App now allows you to watch live TV channels for free, using a plugin known as the cCloud TV. You can go ahead and install Kodi on your Roku, Firestick, and any other streaming device. cCloud TV is, basically, a live tv addon. Or we can say, Kodi add ons like the cCloud Kodi has become a free source to watch live tv channels.

Why you should use the cCloud Kodi addon

While choosing a Live TV-addon, there are some aspects to bear in mind. For example, Check whether the addon streams content is in 4K or full HD. Also, check which tv channels are available and whether the addon provides a complete bouquet. cCloud TV performs its job well. It has a simple, clutter-free interface and offers you all the content that’s on TV in all its quality and glory.

There are other live tv Kodi addon channels available to watch, but you cannot rely too much on them, and you might find that some specific live tv channels you are looking for are not available on Kodi cCloud TV add ons.

How to Install cCloud on Kodi

Installing Kodi cCloud TV on your device is like a breeze as you can do it in a couple of simple steps. To begin with, you will need to allow Kodi to install plugins from unknown sources. It is mostly a safe process. People who have used tech for a decade or so will tell you that they did it to install themes on their mobiles back in the day. Here is how to allow your device to install plugins from unknown sources.

• Click on the Settings (the gear icon)

• Go to System Settings

• Scroll down to Add ons

• When you reach Addons, slide the Unknown Sources option to the right, enabling it.

A warning will appear on your screen, click ‘Yes’.

You are now ready to install from the repository address, the Kodi cCloud TV plugin.

Here’s how to install the cCloud Kodi addon:

  • Go to the Settings icon (gear icon).
  • Scroll down and select File Manager Icon.
  • In the file manager section, select ‘Add Source’.
  • After clicking on ‘Add Source’, a window will pop up on your screen. Add the file source and select ‘none’.
  • Enter the web location from where you want to install the cCloud TV plugin. One of the sites that host the Kodi Addon is
  • In the following step, add the name of the source of your preference in the media source column and press OK.
  • Return to the Kodi home-screen and select ‘Addons’ on the left side panel.
  • On the top left, tap on the Package installer icon.
  • Now, from the options, select install from the zip file.
  • From the window, select the location that you have named.
  • Click on the folder ZIPs.
  • Click on and wait for the notification of Kodi Bae repository installation.
  • The Kodi Bae repository installed alert will show up. You can notice it sliding out from the top right.
  • This notification indicates that the repository is being added to Kodi.
  • Select Install from repository.
  • Click on Kodi bae repository.
  • To select add ons, go on Video Add ons.
  • Scroll down, until you reach cCloud TV add-on.
  • Click the Install button to install cCloud tv add ons on Kodi.
  • In case you happen to use Kodi Leia, a pop-up will appear, press the OK button to continue.
  • Once you see the cCloud Kodi addon installed notification, the cCloud tv addon for Kodi is successfully installed.
  • Now, switch to Kodi Home screen and select Adds to access video add ons.
  • Select on Video add ons.
  • Once you have selected video addons, you will get the icon of the cCloud Kodi TV add-on in this window.
  • You can now watch your favorite TV channels by clicking on this icon.

The cCloud Kodi addon is one of the best to watch tv online, and that’s because it is well thought of and gives an excellent user experience.

Viewers can choose from various categories and scroll down to watch content, including movie channels, news channels, and series.

Why you need a VPN for cCloud Kodi Add on

Before you install cCloud Kodi addon or any other addon that gives you free content, you will need to have a VPN in place.

Watching content on cCloud tv addon is an excellent experience for many users. Although it is a source of entertainment for many people, there are some restrictions attached to it. In some cases, you do not know whether some content you are watching is pirated content.

Any content that you watch via Kodi is under the purview of your ISP as well as several government agencies. If you are watching free content, you might be up for legal ramifications – so you need a VPN to bypass several aspects, including government surveillance, geo-restrictions, ISP throttling, etc.

Some VPN throttles your data speeds, so it is almost impossible to even run a browser, let alone stream HD content, cCloud addon offers you all the tv channels in high quality, irrespective of which VPN you are using.

How to Install a VPN for cCloud Add on

Installing a VPN is pretty straightforward. In case you are using your laptop or PC to stream, you can go for a browser that offers you VPN services. You will then need to run the streaming app through the browser that offers the VPN services.

For devices such as smart TVs, PCs, and laptops, you will need to install the VPN app from the marketplace and activate it via the app. Most VPNs offer a try-and-buy offer, so you can use their app for one week to one month and then decide to buy it.

This was the simple tutorial that will install cCloud TV on Kodi. In a nutshell:

Step 1: To install cCloud on Kodi, allow Kodi to install files from unknown sources.

Step 2: Add a source to the repository.

Step 3: Select Install from the repository the cCloud Kodi addon

Step 4: Activate it and it will be added to your main menu.

And you are ready to go on a viewing journey!

Final Thoughts

See, the process to install cCloud on Kodi is very easy and straightforward. Just follow the above-mentioned simple steps and you will be good to go. While there are several TV addons for Kodi, still the majority of them either lack streams of excellent quality or do not work at all. After using the cCloud Kodi addon for some time, you would also agree that it is one of the best Kodi Addons available to stream live and on-demand videos.

Although cCloud Kodi addon doesn’t host any premium tv channels, it is still reliable and stable than the other TV addons for its users. Most importantly, the channels it features on its main menu work.

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