When you have access to the Fire TV devices, you can stream anything you wish on your Fire TV. This magical instrument fulfills all your streaming desires and ensures that you never return to bed disappointed. While there are many streaming apps for you to use, they are monetized and don’t offer a wide variety to choose from.

At this point, a versatile software known as Kodi enters. When installed in your fire TV stick, Kodi can be exploited to its maximum potential to have a fantastic streaming experience watching your favorite movies, Tv shows, Sports, etc.

Do you know that Kodi is incomplete if it has no add-ons? The Kodi add-ons act as a media source and enable you to stream your favorite content. Be it your favorite music, Tv shows, sports, news, or movies, you can watch everything by installing the Kodi addons.

However, the real struggle lies in gathering the required add-ons from different sources and then installing them. This process is time-consuming, and you might even install a faulty add-on that is no longer existing.

How to overcome this problem and reduce the time and effort required? The only solution is to install a Kodi build on your Firestick 4k, or Firestick, etc. A Kodi build can be referred to as an addon store with pre-installed add-ons waiting for you to exploit them.

If you install this build, you won’t have to run looking for the suitable add-ons you want to stream your content. Besides storing, a Kodi build also enables you to manage all the add-ons effortlessly. You can also change your Kodi skin using Kodi skin and customize it according to your taste.

One such popular Kodi build is Titanium build. Titanium Kodi Build offers you a wide variety of Kodi addons that you can install on your device and enjoy your streaming time.

The user interface of Titanium Build on Kodi is incredibly functional and straightforward. The look and visuals are appealing, and you can use them effortlessly. With a single touch, you can install all the addons and apps that you want to access.

What is on Titanium Build?

Titanium Kodi Build is a popular build on Kodi that is being used by many people worldwide. You will find the best repositories and add-ons on the Titanium build on Kodi that you can effortlessly install.

The most significant benefit of using Titanium Build is that you can use it on all Kodi versions. You can use it on Kodi 18.1, Kodi 18 Leia, Kodi 17.6 Krypton, and even on the old versions.

Besides just the addons and repositories, you also get access to several useful tools and features that are nowhere to be found other than Titanium Build. The Supreme Builds Wizard contains Titanium Build in it from where you can install this popular Build on Kodi.

Supreme Wizard is the most popular build source, and many Kodi users trust it. Hence, to install Titanium Kodi build, you first need to access Supreme Builds Wizard and then continue the process.

How do you start to install Titanium Build on Kodi?

To install Titanium Kodi build, you need to follow a few simple steps mentioned in this guide. These steps are listed below for your convenience. Hence, waste no time and jump straight to the crucial section of this installation guide that will enable you to install Titanium Kodi Build with ease.

Prepare your Kodi to install the Titanium Build on Kodi 18

Even though the Titanium Build installation is a breeze, you will have to make some necessary amendments before initiating the Titanium build installation process. Since there are many addons and repositories available on the internet, many are either faulty or malicious. To protect your streaming device from any potential damage, Kodi has a security feature in it. This feature restricts you from sideloading the third-party builds available for free.

These third-party builds are not available on the official Kodi Addon Repository. Hence you cannot be sure about the safety of your device entirely. To access the various useful addons available on Titanium build, you will have to disable this feature present on Kodi for your devices’ safety. You can do so by enabling the ‘unknown sources’ available on the application of Kodi.

To successfully install Titanium Build on Kodi, follow the steps listed below.

  • Go to the home screen of Kodi, and there you will find the ‘settings’ option in the menu bar.
  • When the window opens on your screen, you can click on ‘Settings’ if using the Kodi 18 version. Those using another version will find ‘System Settings.’
  • As soon as the system settings page opens, you will find the add-ons’ option on the left panel.
  • A list will appear on your screen, and you will find ‘unknown sources’ mentioned as one of the options. Switch it on using the select option on your Firestick.
  • Once highlighted, a warning message will appear. Since Titanium build is safe to install, you can override the warning and continue the process.

Now that you have disabled the restricting feature on Kodi, you can effortlessly install the third-party apps and enjoy your content without any interruptions. Before installing the addons, you first have to install a Titanium build on Kodi using the Supreme Builds Wizard. Hence, let’s check out the process on how to install Titanium build on Kodi.

Steps to Install Titanium Build Kodi

Since Titanium Build for Kodi is one of the builds present on Supreme Builds Wizard, you will have to get the repository add-on installed first. Once the supreme builds repository has been installed, you can get access to the Supreme Builds Wizard, and it is from this Builds Wizard that you can finally install Titanium Build. Hence, without wasting further time, let’s get started with this guide!

Installing the Supreme Builds Repository and Supreme Builds Wizard

If you are looking forward to an excellent way to install Titanium build, you need to install its repository first. Listed below are the steps that will help you install the supreme builds repository effortlessly.

  • Launch Kodi and its home screen will appear. Just below Kodi’s logo, you will find a ‘cog’ icon. This icon indicates that it is the ‘settings’ option. Click on it to proceed further.
  • The next window will appear on your screen. Locate the icon of the file manager and open it. If you use Kodi 18, the file manager will be located on the top.
  • After you’ve clicked open the file manager, you will see two options. One says ‘Profile directory,’ and the other one says ‘add source.’ Click on ‘add source.’
  • On the next page, you will have to select ‘<NONE>’ and then enter the source URL of the supreme builds repository that you intend to download.
  • The Source URL of Supreme Builds Repository is HTTP:// repo. supremebuilds. com. This source URL is sensitive and has to be typed as it is written here to install it successfully.
  • After you have entered the URL, you can now give it a name to recognize it in the future.
  • Once you have named it, press on the ‘OK’ button to initiate the installation process.
  • Now return to the home screen and click ‘Add-ons’ present on the left panel.
  • When the ‘add-on’ page opens, you will find ‘package installer’ on the top.
  • Click on ‘package installer,’ and you will find a few options on your screen. Click on ‘install from zip file.’
  • As soon as you select ‘Install from zip file’ a new window will open with a few options. You will find the name of the source listed there, which you named for future recognition.
  • Then, you will have to click repository. supremebuilds-X. XX zip file that you will find there.
  • After some time, you will notice that an add-on installed notification has appeared on the top of your screen.
  • Don’t change the window you are currently in and continue from the same. You will find the ‘install from repository’ option. Click ‘install from repository’, you will then have to click ‘Supreme Builds Repository.’
  • Another window will open, and there click ‘program add-ons.’ In the next window, you will find the Supreme Build Wizard. Click on it and then proceed further to install Titanium Build on Kodi.
  • After clicking on Supreme Builds Wizard, a different screen will appear. Click ‘install’ present on the bottom of the screen so that the installation process of Supreme Builds Wizard gets initiated.
  • Wait for the installation to finish, and after it is over, you will get notified instantly. Though you will see some pop-ups appear on your screen, you can ignore them because Titanium build does no harm to your device.

Now that you have installed supreme builds Wizard from the supreme Builds repository using the URL HTTP:// repo. supremebuilds. Com, it is time to learn how to install Titanium build on Kodi and use it to its maximum capacity.

Install Titanium Kodi Build through Supreme Build

Titanium Kodi build can be installed only through the Supreme Builds Wizard because it is a part of it. If you don’t have the supreme builds, you cannot proceed and won’t be able to access the Titanium build Kodi. Hence, make sure that you have installed the Supreme builds and are ready to install Titanium Build for Kodi. The steps for the effortless installation of Titanium Build are provided below.

  • Open the home screen of the Kodi application and then click on the add-ons option provided. Open the add-ons tab and then click on program add-ons.
  • As soon as the program add-ons’ page opens, you will find the Supreme Builds Wizard icon. Open Supreme Builds to proceed.
  • Then, click on the option that says ‘Supreme Builds’ Builds to run it.
  • Servers from several countries are available on the build. You need not worry about the content as everything is the same except the server’s location. If you want a fresh install that is faster and effortless, it is recommended that you opt for the one that is closer to you.
  • After the selection of the server is over, click on a fresh install to start the process. A fresh install will ensure that all the outdated data and addons are deleted, and you get a fresh build on your Kodi with the new applications.
  • A pop-up will appear after selecting ‘fresh install.’ Click continue and proceed further.
  • After you click continue, Kodi Titanium Build will start installing.
  • Once the installation is complete, restart the application and start using your Titanium Build and your choice of add-on instantly.

Secure your IP Address with a VPN

Since you will be using Kodi and installing Titanium Build on your Firestick, you will likely land up on the radar of the Government agencies who are always on the lookout for people indulging themselves in illegal activities on the digital platform.

While you might be streaming your favorite content on your Firestick to binge-watch, your IP address must have been traced by then if you are streaming a restricted content because it is illegal. Kodi is known for giving you free access to all types of content. Hence, you must invest in a reliable VPN to safeguard your online activities.

A VPN hides all your details present on the digital platform and forms a barrier between the fishing agencies and you. This way, you can stream all the content on your device without worrying, irrespective of whether it is free or restricted because the VPN has your back. Your name, email, website, etc., all will remain hidden from the agencies’ eyes if you have a VPN installed and are unknowingly watching a restricted or content with copyright.

Express VPN is the best VPN to date, and it also provides you a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can use it by subscribing to one of its plans. If you don’t find it suitable, you can always avail of their 30-day money-back guarantee and get a refund. This money-back guarantee policy of Express VPN also provides a sense of reliability on their services that you won’t find in other VPN services.

Some Final Words

Kodi has existed for a while now, and many firestick users are familiar with its working style. Titanium Build is no new Build present on the build menu of Kodi. It is the most popular Kodi build present, and no other build can match the potential and capabilities of titanium Build. It will change your experience with Kodi and other builds.

Titanium Build is one such build that makes Kodi even more famous for its streaming efficiency. You will find all the best add-ons and other features on Titanium Build and won’t get enough out of it. The installation process is incredibly straightforward, and any person, even with no technical knowledge, can install it in minutes.

Hence, follow the installation steps listed above to install this incredible Kodi build and enjoy the features and addons by streaming your favorite content.

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