Stremio app is an online media platform that permits you to watch films, series, and a diverse list of various kinds of online stuff. This organization is maintained on a comprehensive extent of contraption stages, comprising PCs, smartphones, television sets, and anything possible from that point.

Regardless, it might not generally be open through prominent channels on expressive mediums. While Stremio offers exceptional solace to its users, all there are necessities to rehearse waiting while dropping with the item. Regardless, Stremio makes use of Bit Torrent development.

It infers that at whatever time you’re using Stremio, the IP address of your device would be unreservedly imparted. Based on that, your Internet Service Provider and also other different outcast affiliations can comprehend what you are doing or watching on the web.

To bypass this, you can use any VPN you trust to view all your favorite video files on the media players of your web browser, and it’ll be fine.

Installing Stremio on FireStick

Despite the Stremio app being accessible through the Google Play Store, it still is excluded from the Amazon Store. Along these lines, this application is sideloaded on the FireStick device that you own and your extra Fire TV gadgets. To sideload an application means to install it on your device manually. To do that, you are required to enable the download and installation of third-party applications on the FireStick that you have to allow the Stremio APK to be installed on the device.

Here’s how you can do that

  1. Open the Settings from your FireStick home screen.
  2. On the right-hand side, you’ll see an option that reads ‘My Fire TV.’ Click that.
  3. Click on the Developer Options.
  4. Now, look for the ‘Installation from Unknown Sources’ option.
  5. You’ll see that it is disabled by default. You have to enable it.
  6. Now, you can easily install any third-party application you need from any website you want.

Stremio Installing Steps

Below drafted are the steps to install the Stremio application on your FireStick device successfully

  1. The primary item you require is the Downloader application, an application that acts as a tool that sideloads applications for the FireStick device you are using. The users aren’t allowed to download the Stremio application straightforwardly from an internet browser.
  2. The Downloader application is accessible through the Amazon Store. The users can also find it by utilizing the search alternative on the home screen of your FireStick.
  3. Now dispatch your Downloader application, then snap on the Browser tab on the left-hand side.
  4. Write this accompanying URL right in the address bar area and open it.
  5. At the point when the new webpage completes loading, click on the hamburger-like list symbol in the upper-right nook of the page.
  6. Go a bit down to a dropdown list and click on the Downloads option.
  7. When you’re on the website page that just loaded up, move a bit down to the part where the Android category is listed and snap the APK interface (the thing that has ARM APK written on it).
  8. Now allow the Stremio APK to download completely. It would usually take about a moment. However, this really is dependent on your internet connection’s speed.
  9. An installation window would show up after the APK has finished downloading.
  10. Snap-on the install option after it arrives on the base right side of the window.
  11. The installation process will also require a moment or most likely less to complete.
  12. After you see that the application is installed in the window, don’t open it for now. But, click on the Done option for the time being and go back to the Downloader application.
  13. Feel free to delete the Stremio APK file since it is not required now, and if it is left as it is, it will only eat up your FireStick device’s limited space.

Using Stremio on Firestick

Since you’ve installed Stremio on your Fire TV Stick, it’s the ideal opportunity for you to how to benefit from your gadget. Nonetheless, before making use of the application, we should initially interface with a VPN to guarantee safe streaming.

All of the content you stream online is not hidden from your Internet Service Providers and the government. This implies that streaming motion pictures, series, live sports, or even some shows for free may push you into some judicial difficulty.

Firstly, you should never stream online content from shady websites or commit piracy. But, in these times, with thousands of online streaming services available, sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to part the good ones from the illegal ones.

A VPN helps you bypass the online surveillance and limitations put up by your Internet Service Providers and the government and geo-limitations on the viewing of online content.

Almost every VPN service available online has the same interface, so it should be easy for you to launch on after this. Just download any VPN service of your choice just as you downloaded your Stremio APK. Then, after the download completes, start the installation process and let it finish.

After it has been installed successfully, you can delete the APK as it will only use your space in the FireStick device that you own. After all of this is finished, you only need to open your VPN application and start it up.

You may or may not need to register yourself on it and create your account for a better user experience. Now that your VPN application is all set up and working, you can enjoy streaming online without worrying about any surveillance or restriction by your government or your Internet Service Provider.

Installing Stremio on an Android Box

If you own an Android Box, the process for downloading and installing Stremio won’t be any hassle for you at all. But, there is a catch to it- if your Android Box works on the Android operating system’s stock version, you can quickly get your hands on the Stremio app through the official Google Play Store.

If the Android Box that you own is running on any other skin operating system, such as those by Xiaomi (Mi Box) or by Nvidia (Nvidia Shield), you need to take another route.

All the steps written below will help you with the installation process of the Stremio application on Android Box:

  1. 1. Start the Play Store that is available on your Android TV Box.
  2. In the reach bar, type in AFTVnews as the application Downloader is not accessible on the Play Store through its own name.
  3. When you see the application Downloader’s name on your screen, click on it and download it.
  4. After it finishes with the download and the installation process, open it.
  5. Give it access to any permission it asks for it to work correctly.
  6. Now type in any URL link which would lead the Downloader application to the APK file of Stremio and let the download start.
  7. Now, install this application and wait for its installation process to complete successfully.
  8. Once the Stremio application is installed on your device successfully, open the application to run it on your Android Box.
  9. After all of this is done and dusted, delete the APK file package of Stremio from the device as it would only take up unnecessary storage space in the Android Box that you’re using.
  10. Now that you have the Stremio application installed and set up in your Android Box successfully, you can use it to view all of your preferred online content easily.

Signing up for Stremio

The whole deal about signing up to Stremio is very simple and straightforward. It can be completed efficiently and quickly on any device of your choice, be it a smartphone, a computer, or even the FireStick itself.

There are in total of two ways available for users to sign up to Stremio. One is logging in through your Facebook account, and the other one is simply through an email account.

  1. If you want to be unbothered by tailored content and want to stream content without any surveillance by the app, you should log in with your Facebook details. As when you use your Facebook to sign up, you won’t be permitted to use any third-party plugins or extensions with your account and therefore be kind of anonymous.
  2. But if you want to use any extension or plugin or an addon with your Stremio account, you should be signing up with your email account.

Also, if you set up a VPN connection while using the Stremio app, the third-party plugins or addons you paired up with your Stremio account won’t be able to get into your data browsing experience.

You only need to make sure that your VPN connection stays on while you are using your email to log in to Stremio and add those extensions. After you are done signing up, you can use the email and password that you provided during the registration process to login and use your Stremio application.

Keep in mind that each VPN connection you choose will make your internet speed off somewhat. Nonetheless, some have more effect than others. Furthermore, some VPNs have been found to include malware, and others had their clients add to a botnet, making it integral that VPN clients pick the correct assistance for their VPN uses.

Using Stremio

Whenever you’re joined, you need to sign in to your Stremio application available on the device you have. You’ll see the chief screen of the Stremio app first, which, as a matter of course, opens to the Board segment. It is where you will locate the tailored content for you and the recent ones you have seen.

Snap the list symbol in the shape of a hamburger present in the Stremio FireStick GUI’s upper-left nook to investigate more. When you snap on the Discover section, the page further extends into different subcategories like Films, Shows, TV Channels, and more.

At the point when you click a category, it allows you to find the available substance. Suppose you pick TV Shows; Stremio will take you to a new web page that has a plethora of different and sorted shows available. Here, you can sort and channel the films by Catalogs or Genre. Below given is a portion of the Catalog categories that shows how they sort up the TV Shows

  • Popular
  • By Released Year
  • By IMDB Rating

When you get to the Genre section, you sort through regular genres, for example, Comedy Genre, Drama Genre, Experimental Genre, Fantasy Genre, Historical Genre, etc.

The “My library part” in the Stremio app on FireStick is where you are able to discover all the content, be it the motion pictures and shows that you have labeled as your favorites. This application additionally lets you enable Trakt integration. Trakt’s adjusted things are also displayed through the section of My Library.

Setting-up addons on Stremio

Stremio highlights many plugins and add-ons for the establishment from their add-on archive. This is an incredible game plan if you own low-stockpiling gadgets like a FireStick or an Android TV Box. The user can further also introduce numerous add-ons without agonizing over the space. Stremio upholds two sorts of add-ons:

– Official

– Community

These previously mentioned kinds of add-ons incorporate tons of various streaming options, including Spanish Channels, Audio Books, Anime, Recipes, History, Sports, Trailers, Netflix, Podcast, Twitch, Live TV, and then some.

Another bit of leeway of introducing Stremio add-ons through the internet is that the user is only required to introduce them to one of the gadgets. Then they sync over all devices themselves, and the users can utilize their Stremio through a similar Stremio account. But there is also an undeniable disadvantage.

The problem is that the Stremio platform approaches all of your streaming exercises. Consequently, it is essential to utilize the Stremio application that you have while also using a VPN connection.

To install the community addons or plugins or extensions, open the Addons page by snapping on the same name seen on the website’s initial screen. The addons by default would be sorted through the Official subheading, change it to Community by selecting the category.

Moreover, if you wish, there is also an option to filter the list of all the Stremio add-ons by the kind of content they’re on. The client would now see a list of all the extensions/addons. Select the one that you want to install and use. It will be added to your Addons page in a few moments, and from there, you can make use of it as you want as soon as you see a pop-up that tells you that the selected add-on has been installed successfully.

None of the addons that you download from the Stremio application are added to the client’s PC. It signifies that there is zero possibility of a traitor engineer operating some spiteful code on your framework. It additionally implies that these installed addons are anything but difficult to make as they are arrangements of sources.

If the site hosting these addons on their cloud goes down for some reason, the add-on will halt operating entirely as opposed to proffering fragmentary value. Along these lines, clients will immediately recognize any problems that would have happened and, if they want to, may consult official ways of the Stremio application for further exhortation.

Starting online streaming on Stremio App

With the addition of the plugins, your Stremio application is ready to work. However, make sure that your VPN connection is up and running so that you can browse and view freely any type of content you want with zero risk, surveillance, and restrictions from anyone. Also, make sure that you utilize the addons that you have just installed to make your streaming experience even more extraordinary.

To start streaming content on Stremio

  1. First, select the thing you wish to view. Be it a movie, a TV show, or even just any channel; you now have an endless stream of content available to your without any hassle.
  2. As soon as you search up, the Stremio app will use its advanced software and technologies to provide you with high quality and zero to low buffer links to stream it on.
  3. The links would be available to you on the right-hand side. You can select any link to stream and start viewing the content you searched for. That’s it!


We trust this Step-by-step guide to Install & Use Stremio app on Android Box/Firestick, which has helped you get your gadget. Stremio effectively stands out amongst the other internet real-time features accessible these days to appreciate Movies, Series, and even TV Channels.

This application offers a simple method to stream your #1 substance, including films, shows, live TV, and pretty much all the other things. Stremio is accessible for establishment on tons of gadgets, including the popular Firestick by Amazon, which is the most well-known streaming gadget accessible.

Clients can likewise download it on Android and on other platforms as well. Stremio is additionally intended to be as instinctive and easy to understand as could anyone have reasonably expected it to be. Stremio likewise gives you a Stremio Calendar feature that allows you to follow your shows and moves without help from anyone else.

What’s more, despite the fact that there are just a modest bunch of useful addons, there’s still bounty for you to perceive what you need; it has a great deal of possible gratitude thanks to its massive library of formally authorized media.


Is Stremio illegal?

Stremio is fully legal to use for viewing all types of movies, every TV show (old or new), and other things. Once you download Stremio on your device, it is the use of this app that makes it legal or illegal.

Is Stremio safe?

Stremio is completely safe to use. Developers have made it in such a way that apps like Stremio can never harm the data or community addons in any way. You can use it on most devices be it a Fire TV box with all your data and information safe. If you find any bug, you can opt for developer options for support. Also, there are different community addons to help you keep safe on most devices.

What’s wrong with Stremio?

Stremio app shows live TV videos without any issues on the different devices in case the device you are using your media players is fully updated. Firestick TV and other devices should not be of an older version.

Do I need VPN for Stremio?

There are different VPNs that help you to watch any TV show or movie without any hassle. It is just helpful to access the content of other countries that is otherwise inaccessible.

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