Best Showbox Alternatives

The popular free streaming service Showbox has now been blocked in a number of countries due to copyright infringements and pressure by the TV and movie studios and producers.

But the good news is that there are various excellent Showbox alternatives available which still work in 2020.

So, which sites and apps can you use to watch movies if Showbox is no longer available in your country, or you want to switch to a safer and more reliable free movie streaming alternative?

Remember to always use a secure VPN connection when accessing any of these streaming sites and platforms so that you remain anonymous, and your streaming cannot be detected and monitored by your ISP, legal authorities, or malicious third parties.

Also, with a suitable VPN, you will be able to unblock any geo-blocked streaming sites and contents in your country.

Here is our list of best alternatives to Showbox to watch movies and other free content for desktop, Android, iOS and other devices.

Top 17 Best Showbox Alternatives to Use in 2020

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a popular free streaming platform that provides access to hundreds of movies, TV shows, sports events, and live TV broadcasts. It is among the top Showbox alternatives you can find in 2020.

You can stream them in high resolution and quality and access the contents of Pluto TV from the USA. Users outside the US may have trouble accessing the site or its complete catalog, which can easily be resolved with the help of a VPN service and a connection to a virtual server in the USA.

Cinema APK

Cinema APK is another one of the leading Showbox alternatives on this list that you can use to torrent thousands of movies.

You can browse through the huge collection of films or search for a specific title.

In order to use the Cinema APK, you need to download it and install it on your device. You should also use a secure VPN connection when torrenting to prevent being tracked and also make sure that you don’t download a fake or malicious file.

PlayBox HD

The PlayBox HD app is very similar to Showbox and can be installed on an Android, iOS device.

With this best Showbox like app, you can access a wide variety of HD quality streaming content.

Although it is a reliable platform, you should still use a VPN connection when using the app in order to protect your privacy and cybersecurity.

MegaBox HD

MegaBox HD is another superb alternative similar to Showbox. It is an android app that you can install on your phone and tablet and gain access to multiple shows, movies, and live TV.

It has user-friendly navigation and provides a quick search as well as different categories to browse through.

The only downside of this app is that it has a lot of ads.

Movie Box

Movie Box is one of the greatest Showbox alternatives that you can enjoy using on your PC, MAC, on an Android, iOS device, and directly on your Apple TV or Android TV.

The Showbox replacement app will provide you with free access to a large collection of movies and shows and supports English and Russian languages.

It is free and provides high-resolution movies and videos, but you will need to watch trailers before each free stream.

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is another one of our favorite Showbox alternatives that will allow you to stream movies and TV shows instantly from torrents.

The catalog of movies is extensive, and it is constantly being upgraded, which is why more users are turning to Popcorn Time as one of the best alternatives to Showbox.

Popcorn Time is available for Mac, Windows, Android, and Android TV and is easy to navigate through and use.


Crackle is an excellent streaming app with a huge catalog of old and new movies, TV shows, and other content.

The Showbox like app offers Smart TV support, so you can stream top-quality movies and shows directly on your TV.

The service is owned by Sony, and thus you will be able to enjoy some of the original and timeless Sony flicks and shows for free.

It is constantly being updated and is one of the easiest streaming apps for movies to use, as you can search by title, actor, or genre.

If you sign up, you will be able to create and save your own personal favorites list with movies and shows you want to watch or rewatch again.

The service is limited to US residents only. But you can override the geo-restrictions by using a VPN connection to a server in the USA, which will allow you to spoof your IP and location and thus unblock the content.


Hulu is a web-based paid movie streaming service that provides access to over 80,000 movies and TV shows. Most of the new episodes are available on the platform on the same day as they air.

The Showbox replacement platform also provides access to over 65 live TV channels.

You can try out the subscription plans for 30 days for free before deciding whether to pay for the next month or year.

Movie HD

Movie HD is an app that is another great alternative to Showbox. You can stream movies and TV shows directly or download them for later viewing offline.

The interface of this Showbox alternative is user-friendly, and the catalog of available HD quality movies and TV shows is quite impressive.


With the CinemaBox app, you can choose whether you want to stream the movie or show of your choice or to download it for later viewing. This is an excellent alternative to watch a movie even if you don’t have Wi-Fi connectivity.

It is easy to navigate and shows the recently added movies and shows on its home page for easy and quick access to the latest uploads.


Stremio is one of the best Showbox alternatives which will provide you with quick access to legal and verified sources and streams from Amazon, iTunes, and others.

The content is very well organized, and the user interface is slick and easy to navigate.

Stremio is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux and is an excellent movie streaming app to use if you want easy access to legal content to watch.


Freeflix allows users to download the movies and shows they want and watch them later without the need for internet connectivity.

The app is available for Windows, macOS, iPhone, Android, and Amazon Firestick.

Like Showbox, it is user-friendly and includes a wide variety of movies and shows of all genres for free.

Bobby Movie Box

The Bobby Movie Box app, also known as CotoMovies is an Android app that is a superb free alternative to paid streaming sites like Netflix or HBO.

It includes a large catalog of movies and TV shows – classic and new, which users can watch for free.

You can use the search engine if you have a specific movie or TV show in mind or browse through the different categories for ideas about what to watch next.

The categories include different genres, popular movies and shows, the latest movies, and so on.

The app also provides a brief synopsis of each movie, along with its IMDB rating and other information.


Flipps is a mobile app available for Android and iOS phones and devices, which offers access to more than 100 TV channels and full HD streaming directly to your TV.

The app is designed to seamlessly connect to just about any popular TV, including Samsung, LG, Sony, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Xbox, so you get a choice on where you will watch the high-quality content offered.

You can watch the desired content anywhere.

The Flipps app was rated as Amazon Free App of the day several times, as well as one of the top 10 Google Chromecast apps, which you should install according to the Inquirer.


TubiTV is another excellent app similar to Showbox, which will allow you to watch high-quality movies and shows for free from anywhere you want to.

The app has a very straightforward and simple interface allowing for easy use even by non-tech-savvy users.

TubiTV offers access to over 40,000 movies. You can browse through the different categories to choose a movie of your liking per genre.

You will need to register and confirm the validity of an email provided in order to access this Showbox alternative, but it is one of the best free streaming apps you can find in 2020.

The only drawback is that TubiTV is available to users located in the US only.

For users from the rest of the world, the only way to use the app for free movie streaming is to use a VPN connection and connect to a server in the USA to spoof their physical IP address and override the geo-restrictions.


This is a very easy to use movie streaming app for Android phones and devices, and a best alternative to Showbox.

It offers high-quality online streams of all types and in all languages for free.

You can easily share a streaming video with your friends or bookmark your favorites for later viewing.

With Modbro you can also capture and download video streams for later viewing without the need for internet connectivity.

Tea TV

Tea TV is among the best Showbox alternatives, which is compatible with all popular devices and is also available to watch directly from its website.

You can enjoy watching shows and free movies on Tea TV on your computer, phone, tablet, Smart TV, or another device that has either a Windows, iOS, or Android operating system.

The app is extremely easy to use and will display thumbnails of all available movies and TV series. It will allow you to watch trailers, get details about TV shows, read reviews, and choose movies to watch, and more.

Final words

There are so many alternatives to Showbox that it may be hard to choose which one of the best Showbox alternatives to install and use.

All of these excellent movie streaming and torrenting services offer easy and free viewing of the movies and TV shows you want without paying hefty fees for subscription or for pay per view.

Please remember that in order to stay safe when you are streaming free content and when you are downloading and uploading torrents, you should always use a secure VPN connection.

A good VPN will allow you to hide your IP from your ISP, from the local authorities, from advertisers, and from malicious users.

You can also spoof your IP with a virtual one located in another country and thus override the geo-blocked restrictions, which are a fact for most of the free movie and TV show streaming and torrenting websites and apps from our list of best Showbox alternatives for 2020.

Plus, with an ISP with a built-in ad-blocker and malware protection feature, you can enjoy an ad-free and safe movie streaming or torrenting experience.

So, go ahead and install a VPN and enjoy this wide variety of superb alternatives for the popular Showbox movie streaming and torrenting site and app.

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