Is your Firestick remote not working? If yes, you don’t need to search for any other ways out on your browser. We have all the solutions to fix your Firestick remote not working issue be it with brand new AAA batteries replacement or some fire stick remote errors.

In this guide, we have described popular reasons that trigger Fire TV/Fire Stick Cube remote problems. You can go through each of them; we are pretty sure that the remote will work again and you will be able to use your fire TV without any hassle.

Remote Fire Stick not working: Causes and Solutions

There seems to be a vast amount of stuff that could even trigger a remote Fire Sticks to stop working or inhibit one from continuing to work in the place.

The most significant common reasons involve battery packs, obstacles that block signals from remote control from many other electronic and Fire TV devices. Realize, if everything else goes wrong, you could even attempt to refresh Fire Sticks to factory settings. The most significant typical ways for remote fire stick to quitting functioning.

Inspect the Batteries Back on Fire Stick

The most obvious cause for Fire Stick remotes to quit functioning is battery issues. Incorrectly implanted life batteries, lower power charge, and related topics may trigger the remote Fire Stick to stop functioning. Remember a Firestick remote is always power-hungry. Just check if your remote works fine; if not, replace the batteries to see if the remote works properly then.

After using FireStick and running into battery draining problems a few times, we could say if the remote doesn’t work, there really is a massive possibility that batteries will run out. The brand new batteries are depleting without alert. Suppose the remote of Fire Stick fails to perform all of a sudden (unfortunately in between of night on movie night). Sometimes battery dries up in a few weeks.

The remote Fire Stick utilizes Alexa, voice control, and speech command innovation. A few people might blame Alexa. And yet, it’s not that the remote always listens. It would help if you kept the Alexa key button on the remote to begin hearing.

However, the only possible remedy would be to utilize good quality lithium rechargeable batteries and hold spares handy. Alkaline replace batteries are best and maintain your Fire Stick operating remotely for the longest.

Don’t purchase any alkaline batteries, Purchase the branded one from a well-known supplier. Please do not go for a rechargeable; it often leaks out, and a white liquid gets deposited on the charger. Another excellent idea would be to replace remote batteries and inspect for residual batteries leakage from connectors. Scrubbing them could make Fire Stick operate remotely again.

You might know that the battery compartment has and ‘-‘ (minus) and ‘+’ (plus) ends. The fasteners in the battery compartment have both the – and + sides. The alignment of positives must be with positives similar to negatives. Though it is essential, sometimes we might end up making silly mistakes, so put them back correctly to check if the remote still doesn’t work.

Paired the remote FireStick

If the remote control isn’t combined with Fire Stick, it will not operate. Substitute remotes should every time be paired ever since you utilize them.

Generally, the remote FireStick package comes pre-paired. If not paired, you have to do it automatically. Or, in case your replacement remote is not working work, there could be a chance that it’s not paired correctly.

Pairing is very easy. Please pursue the following steps.

  • Connect FireStick to TV’s HDMI port.
  • Power both the TV and FireStick.
  • Now hold the ‘Home’ button on tv remotes for around 10 seconds.
  • This pairs the remote Amazon FireStick, and the remote might start operating.

Hold and press the home button key again for 10-20 seconds if the remote is still not paired. In many cases, consumers have had to follow the process also several times for pairing.

FireStick could be linked to seven Bluetooth devices, such as remote controllers. If you’ve connected 7 Fire TV devices, you’ll have to un-plug back one among them.

  • Select Settings from the home screen of FireStick. The ‘settings’ is in the menu button bar
  • On the next display, open Controllers & Bluetooth Device
  • You’ll have a summary of all Fire TV devices connected. The select device you want to unpair and pursue the guidelines on the screen.

Please pay attention to that if the remote does not match one’s FireStick tv device in the initial try, attempt once more. Generally, it connects for the first time, but rarely, this might take 2-3 shots. If the remote still cause a problem, try the next alternative #3 to repair and reset the remote. It works a lot.

The FireStick keys are not functioning

The keys button typically may not work whenever the remote device has not been correctly linked to the FireStick device. Keep the Home button on the remote for around 10 seconds to repair it. If it still doesn’t function, follow the instructions to reset your repair and remote with FireStick:

Don’t refresh FireStick to factory setting in following instructions. They merely reset and unpair remote and repair with FireStick.

  • Detach the FireStick from the power source
  • Now plug back the relevant buttons (all together) for around 20 seconds, Press Back and Click Menu for the Left side of the interface ring
  • Remove the batteries from the remote FireStick.
  • Power your FireStick and sit tight till you see the home screen on TV
  • Add the batteries into remote FireStick.
  • Keep waiting for 1-2 minutes.
  • Your remote FireStick would already be paired right now. If it’s not paired, hold the Home button key for at least 10 seconds.

Is Remote Fire Stick compatible?

This issue is not for users who have problems with the remote. We are referring to remotes that have been purchased separately. There is a good variety of in-house and another party remotes working with Fire TV and FireStick devices.

FireStick third-party game operators and Amazon could be utilized as remote operators to communicate with the device. Any formal Amazon item will state clearly its integration with FireStick will operate with the device. But if you’re considering purchasing another-party remote or game controller, please make sure that it’s developed to function with Fire Stick or Fire TV.

There are few inexpensive remote replications with the same layout and design. These goods will certainly flow off as original but will ultimately not work. Before you purchase Amazon Fire Stick remotely, check the vendor’s legitimacy.

Remote FireStick destroyed?

Outer damage, such as water and inner flaws due to bad modules, may imply Fire Stick remote not working.

If users have the original product, you had placed in the fresh batteries and tried all other alternatives; it is likely time to deem the prospect of the remote being harmed.

If this is the scenario, the sole alternative is to purchase a remote substitution. The great news is that replacing remotes doesn’t cost a lot of money. You can purchase it for about $10. Could you go out and check it out on Amazon?

You’re going to find a lot of choices. You can also discover a personalized remote with an extra, devoted Netflix home button as well as other tv phone apps. A few remotes consist of the volume control as well. Understand that personalized remotes do not strictly come from Amazon. Purchase an item having a high rating and favorable review.

Amazon Fire TV Remote App

Amazon Fire TV Remote is still not operating yet? Or, at dinner time, you merely drove out of batteries, so there are no extra battery packs. You do not have to make your FireStick devices useless. You could still regulate your device utilizing the Amazon Fire TV Remote App.

This app modifies your mobile phone to a remote location and allows you to communicate with FireStick merely as one will with a remote bodily location.

The Amazon Fire TV Remote app is accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. Move forth and install the app, and set things up on your Fire TV or FireStick device. Just make sure your mobile phone app and FireStick are linked to the same WiFi channel.

Distance and Blocking Issues with Fire TV Remotes

Fire Stick remotes utilize Bluetooth rather than infrared, so they have a theoretical scope of approximately 30 feet. Usually, the range is lesser.

You don’t require a clear line of scene among remote and Fire TV, but obstacles can decrease the range dramatically.

FireTV and Fire Stick remote uses Bluetooth instead of infrared so that you wouldn’t require a clear line between device and remote. You could not even require the remote to devise, as the remote alignment has hardly anything to have with the power of Bluetooth signals.

Bluetooth devices such as the Fire Stick get a conceptual variety of almost 30 feet. However, several things could even decrease that range. Obstruction between Fire Stick or Fire TV and remote can significantly decrease the remote scope. This is how to verify if obstruction or destruction is a problem for you

  • Migrate your remote location physically nearer to Fire Stick.
  • Erase any obstacles between your remote control and the Fire Stick.
  • If the remote operates when you’re holding the remote next to your TV or when you’re very near to the TV, utilize the Fire Stick addition to reorient the device.
  • You may require a lengthier extension to relocate the Fire Stick out of the TV if it is placed in a break time or an amusement cabinet.

If you have a Fire TV device placed from within an amusement panel or same enclosure, erase it from the compartment and perceive if the remote devices are working.

Remote Interference

The TV Device may tamper with Bluetooth communication may imply that the remote is not working correctly. Bluetooth has a few advantages over infrared, like not getting a line of vision among the remote, and Fire Stick only decreases the variety rather than stopping the remote from operating at all. Even so, Bluetooth remotes are prone to interference other than infrared remotes. Verify these given checkpoints to view if users have the following technologies near Fire Stick

  • Wireless speakers are available
  • Microwave oven
  • Wireless handsets
  • Unshielded coaxial cable
  • Wireless speakers are available

If users have wireless devices or any of it else that might trigger Bluetooth interference in the vicinity of Fire Stick, start switching them.

Other General Solutions

There are numerous different reasons as well, too, that could trigger remote problems. These are generally doubtful.

The spacing from devices away from the Amazon Fire Stick is a thing to think about. The remote system operates fine when it’s inside 10 ft of devices. If you possess a vast hall or room, carry the remote nearer to your TV, inside the range.

The remote FireStick attaches to devices via Bluetooth, not ultraviolet rays. This implies that both the remote and FireStick don’t have to become with each other line of sight. But maintaining the device within the chamber or in the enclosure could disrupt the signals.

Caution tip: ISPs and Governments around the world are monitoring the internet activity of their customers. If you discover streaming copyright material on one’s Fire TV Stick, you might be in big trouble. Your IP is actually displayed to all. We strongly recommend that users receive a useful FireStick VPN and conceal their identity so that one’s viewing experience does not really have a terrible turn.

ExpressVPN, the quickest and perhaps most safe VPN. It’s very simple to download any device, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It also emerges with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If users don’t love their facility, you could always request for refunds. ExpressVPN also has a decent offer where one can have three months.

A few consumers revealed that there was a problem with interference from WiFi channel devices. Shifting this will take longer more complicated, but it’s not tricky—login to router (detail on the unit). (Information on the company). (information on the team). (information on the unit).

Discover the WiFi Channels and go to another channel. You could utilize the ‘WiFi Analyzer’ in Google Play, seeing the least utilized media for your household. Let us understand if this last tip was working to assist reconnect one’s Fire TV Remote?

We hope this will assist you and make your Fire TV linked again.


Can I purchase the Firestick Remote?

Yes, you could buy a remote FireStick from Alexa Voice on Amazon.

Can I utilize my Firestick without a remote control?

Yes, if you have an iPhone or Android, just install the Fire TV Remote app, and you’ll be able to traverse your devices without the actual remote.

How am I going to refresh my Firestick remotely?

If the remote doesn’t operate, one great thing to do would be to erase or substitute the battery packs.

Final Verdict

All Fire Stick remote problems witnessed so far relate to the batteries. Remote deplete the charger quicker than we like it, or every time we maintain the spare parts. Download the Amazon Fire TV Remote app on your phone as a back-up. We have tried to address all the potential causes that could lead the reader to remote problems and all other solutions.

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