Literally, with the rapid growth of video-streaming services, it feels as if the consumers are steering to make their own home-multiplex. This is why Amazon Firestick is what it comes across as their major choice. It is quite reasonable, by the way! Firestick allows you to watch favorite shows lying on your couch— everything is controlled by your voice (Alexa, play Sacred Games).

As the name suggests, ”Amazon Firestick” is an exclusive add-to-cart device of Amazon Inc, released in 2014. To be honest, Amazon Firestick is a plug-in appliance. It is smaller in size, but it treasures numerous TV shows and channels. Briefly, the Fire TV stick can be remotely powered and avails Alexa voice remote.

With Amazon Firestick, you can turn your TV into a Smart TV, where you can enjoy watching the latest web series, shows, movies, documentaries on the leading video-streaming platforms, including Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HotStar, and so on.

Typically, setting up your Fire TV Stick is an easy process — just plug into your TV’s HDMI Port, and following a few more instructions with the Alexa voice remote would end the set up within minutes. Let’s make it a step-by-step process. In this comprehensive guide, you can effortlessly learn how to set up Firestick (name it as per your taste).

How to set up your Amazon Firestick?

Before you set up your Amazon Fire TV Stick, make sure you maintain all the crucial elements for a smooth set up:

  • A compatible TV, which supports HD or UHD Plus and includes an HDMI port, or you might need a USB cable.
  • A strong Wi-Fi network.
  • An Amazon user account (you do not need to become a prime customer, but a regular Amazon account could easily work for the job. Also, you can create your Amazon account at the time of set up.
  • 2 AAA batteries for your Fire TV Stick remote.

Here are the steps one need to follow for easy setup:

Add power

First, plug the Fire TV Stick into a power outlet (Check if your Firestick is turned “on”).

Plug-in your TV’s HDMI port

Second, plug the Fire TV Stick into the HDMI port, which is located on the back of your TV. You can also use an HDMI extender cable if you are not ready to plug it directly into the screen.

Select your channel

Third, turn your TV to the same channel (HDMI1, HDMI3) at which the Fire TV Stick is also plugged into. You would see a ”loading screen” with the Firestick logo.

Add a remote

Thrust 2 AAA batteries into the remote. Right then, the remote will connect with your stick automatically.

Until now, if your remote hasn’t paired to the Firestick, you are instructed to press the “Home” button for up to 10 seconds to send it to “discovery mode”— to complete the pairing process once again. Finally, the setup process ends here.

Uses of Amazon Firestick

One might be thinking of purchasing Amazon Fire TV Stick, but you might not be aware of the different windfalls of Amazon Fire TV Stick yet. Relax! We are going to explain them to you! Before that, we would recommend you to create your own Amazon account. Honestly, create your Amazon account is super-easy.

Streaming Services

As Amazon claims that Firestick includes tens of thousands of channels, it actually has! It contains all the streaming services you are normally familiar with, which includes Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Now, and so on. Besides, it comprises diverse network TV apps, ranging from sports to infotainment channels. To your surprise, Amazon Fire TV Stick maintains less-popular channels you may not be familiar with by now. Besides, it has social media features.

Alexa Remote Control

Amazon Fire TV Stick arrives with a remote control that has an in-built microphone. It means voice controlling is easier than before. You are rightly assumed, yes, it has an Alexa voice remote, like most of the Amazon devices.

With the Alexa voice remote, you are very much privileged to command Firestick with the help of the Alexa voice remote. Furthermore, through the Alexa voice remote, you can control home automation products (like you are talking to an Amazon Echo Speaker), such as Philips Hue Lights, Ecobee Thermostat, Ring doorbell, and likewise so on.

Unlimited Music

Through Amazon Fire TV Stick, you are free to enjoy unlimited songs. If you are an Amazon Prime member, this grows even larger because Amazon Music lets you enjoy countless songs at your subscription. Do not forget to create your Amazon account. Moreover, Amazon Music App allows you to listen to any songs you have imported to the library. This is exactly what happens with Spotify subscriptions.

Digital Signage

Amazon Fire TV Stick also allows you to share your screen on Fire Stick. It means you can set up digital signage easily.

Screen Mirroring

Amazon Firestick offers screen mirroring. It purely depends upon the type of phone you are using right now. If you are an iPhone user, you can easily set up a screen mirror with the option called “screen mirroring.” To set up a screen mirror on your Fire Stick, you need to hold the home button on the remote for a few seconds, and after that, in the access menu, you will see the mirroring option—just click on it.

Different features of Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon Fire TV stick includes some amazing features, and it is clear by now that Fire Stick is neat and easy to use. Here are features that stand out from the rest:

Amazon Prime Video

Unquestionably, Fire TV Stick offers 1000s of movies, sports, music, TV shows, sports, and much more. The availability varies from the latest Bollywood movies to the latest-released Hollywood blockbusters. Most importantly, it includes evergreen blockbusters of the world of cinema. Also, you can open Netflix to enjoy the latest web series docu-series, and much more. To your surprise, you can also input the channel.

Hassle-free streaming services

Registration of your Fire TV Stick is super-easy, which takes not more than 15 minutes. Normally, Fire TV Stick does not require a registration process as it comes pre-registered most of the time— you don’t need to go through a hassle-full registering process. However, it wrongly assumed that for enjoying media technology, one must have a Prime subscription. But it is merely true.

Parental controls

Again, Fire TV Stick comes with enabling parental controls. You can freely restrict mature contents by setting up a PIN. The feature parental controls suggest how you can remove your child from watching mature content. Commonly, Amazon Prime Video has maturity ratings by age group. After all, it is in-built with different consent choices.

Track data usage

Through Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can easily track data consumption. Also, it allows you to select your preferred viewing quality to manage data use. You can again configure Fire TV Stick if it exceeds data limits from the setup limit.

Voice commands

After all, it is the most amazing feature it includes. It has a remote voice option. Through it, you can easily search different Amazon Video content right through voice command.


Amazon Fire TV Stick is very much portable. You can carry it wherever you go. So don’t worry about buying another Fire TV as long as you have compatible region’s devices. For your information, Fire TV Stick seamlessly works on 4k videos— in over 80 countries.

Screen mirror

Like other media streaming services, Amazon Fire TV Stick also allows the screen to mirror your phone on TV, as long as your smartphone has the screen mirror feature. Make sure you have a strong internet connection (with 30 feet from each other) to enjoy seamless streaming. To set up screen mirroring, you need to hold the Home button on the Fire TV remote and click the screen mirroring option on your smartphone.

Play games

Your kids will love this feature. Keep this feature hide from your child in the first instance as they will insanely fall for it. Fairly, Firestick allows you to play so many high-graphics 3D games. The easiest way to find games is to press the mic button and say the name of the game you want to play.

You can play games on Amazon Fire TV Stick, but you need to buy a controller separately to enjoy a super-fast gaming experience.

Unlimited music

Through this media streaming plug-in, you are allowed to listen to tons of songs at your comfort, as it includes apps like Gaana, Spotify, Amazon Music, Wink, and so on. The very good thing is you can import your playing list whenever you want— make sure you have a subscription to Amazon Music and Spotify.

How to connect your Amazon Firestick to Wi-Fi?

As stated above, connecting your Amazon Firestick to Wi fi network is super easy. Let’s get started!

Plug the power

Plug your Firestick on the HDMI Port, which is supposed to locate on the back of your TV. And plug the other end into the power adapter. Now, turn on your TV.

Connect your Firestick to the power adapter

Make sure if the Firestick’s micro-USB power cord is connected with the power adapter or plugged into an open power outlet.

Select network

The option “Select Network” is in the main menu (the curved lines that resemble Wi-Fi signal). Press DOWN (use sectional buttons) to select the “Network” option (it will turn yellow). In the center, press the “Select” button. At the moment, the Firestick will start scanning for nearby networks.

Select your preferred network

Later, a list of nearby Home networks appears instantly. Use the directional buttons to select your preferred network (it will turn yellow). And then, you need to press the play pause button in the center of the remote.

Select “Rescan” if you do not see your preferred network.

If the preferred network is not shown, you can select “Join other networks.” After manually input the name of your preferred network, you are very much allowed to connect it instantly.

If your Wi-Fi-network requires a ”network password” to connect, through the on-screen keyboard, you are allowed to input passwords manually.

If your home network is not password-protected, it will automatically pair.

After all, these are done, press the play pause button to return to Firestick’s Home screen.

Why do you need Firestick?

While streaming technology is growing, most people wonder how anyone could enjoy TV so easily. Well, it is very convenient by now as Amazon brings Firestick to its credit.

Instead of watching shows on small mobile screens, users are now moved to the big screen — which is now possible through Amazon Firestick. Only through it you can enjoy the latest released or trending movies, web series at any time— it is not your time to input a channel to never miss your favorite show.

The good thing about Amazon Firestick is — it creates your personalized list based on your previous watching histories. Amazon Fire TV Includes everything, ranging from web series to classics.

Through Amazon’s Alexa, you are likely to enjoy shows as per your choice. You name it, and Firestick made them available for you. To the last, with Firestick, you will always be entertained and chill with infinite content. Why wait? Create your Amazon account now on the official Amazon site!

Fire Tv Stick VS Fire TV Device

It seems customers are always in doubt between the choices, Fire TV and Fire TV Stick 4k, as long as the products offer the same services. Also, both have Bluetooth remote equipped with them. So, where’s the difference? Let’s get started!


Fire TV Stick 4k, the streaming device, is much smaller than Fire TV. Firestick is three-inch-long, but Fire TV is for and half inches long on each added.


The main difference lies in its price range. Firmly, Fire TV Stick 4k is cheaper than Fire TV. Firestick costs $39.99, while Fire TV TV $99 (you can check the prices on the official Amazon site).


It is fair to say that Fire TV is much more responsive than Firestick, because Amazon Firestick offers 1 GB of RAM, whereas Fire TV offers 2 GB of RAM. For serious gamers, Fire Tv will always be their first option.

Additional ports and storage

Normally, Amazon Fire Stick does not require options for expansion, but Fire TV is quite different here. It includes a USB port, Ethernet port, HDMI input, and MicroSD slot. It means Fire TV winds the battle in storage and access content.


Fire TV plays 4k videos more smoothly than Firestick. Somehow, it seems Firestick is all the way made for a 1080p TV device. Certainly, for a smooth or seamless watching experience, Fire TV can never be rejected.

Final Words

Last but not least, we hope you have learned how to set up your new fire TV. Thinking to purchase Firestick is a somewhat budget-friendly deal on the official Amazon site— all the credit goes to Amazon Inc. if you are low on budget but yet dying to watch your favorite TV shows on the big screen or exclusive content, Amazon Firestick would most probably deserve your attention.

This mini home-multiplex is so portable that one can always enjoy unlimited content, songs anytime, anywhere— as long as you have smooth internet access. By no means, features such as Alexa voice remote, screen mirror is what the media Stick’sStick’s best offerings. For endless fun and to be entertained every time, Amazon Firestick is truly an essential home item.

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