When you think of streaming your favorite movies, Tv shows, Live Tv channels, sports, etc., that too for free, the only device that comes into mind is Amazon Fire Tv stick, Firestick, Fire Tv Cube, and all other Fire Tv devices. The Amazon Fire TV stick has changed the scenario of watching television that used to prevail years ago.

Being the widely preferred streaming device for watching free content, Firestick can do much more than only to provide you with the entertainment stuff. You can play video games, create your custom image and video galleries, download and stream music, and much more.

With this powerful streaming weapon in hand, you can convert your ordinary TV into a Fire Tv. Leave behind your regular TV remote and make way for the world-famous Amazon Fire Tv Stick, Firestick, Fire TV cube, etc.

If you wonder that a firestick can only replace the cable, PlayStation, and photo album, you are entirely wrong. As mentioned earlier, a firestick is like Pandora’s box that keeps offering you surprises. Using a Firestick, you can replace your smartphone too. By this statement, we mean that you can install an internet browser on your Firestick and use it for private browsing.

So, by sitting comfortably on your couch and wrapped in a warm blanket, you can browse anything that you want to by using the web browser on your Firestick, Fire Tv remote, Firestick 4k, etc. The Amazon Store has many Firestick web browsers to offer you, unlike the scarcity, that you will find on the Google play store.

If you want to check out the web browsers available on the Amazon store for your use, hang in there! In this article, we will present you with a list of these browsers. Installing the suitable web browser on Firestick, you can stream content that you want to explore. You will find many web content, web videos, etc., on these browsers.

So, let’s not waste more time and dig in to pick out the best browser for your TV and Fire Tv Stick that is easy to use and provides you an unforgettable private browsing experience.

How to Install Browser on Firestick?

To install the web browser on Firestick, you need not sideload them. Since they are available on the official app store of Amazon, you don’t have to search for them anywhere else. Also, you can effortlessly install all these browsers on your Firestick in minutes. Then why wait? Follow the steps listed below and install your favorite web browser to start browsing the content.

  • Go to the home screen of your Fire Stick and tap on the search option.
  • In the search box, enter the name of the web browser you want to install. You will get the matches available. Find the name and then click on it.
  • As soon as you click on the option, another window will open. You will see many tiles and icons on the screen. Click on the tile or the icon of the browser that you want to install.
  • After doing so, you will see the ‘download’ option on another window that opens instantly. Click on the download button to initiate the process.
  • Once the process finishes, click on the open option to open the browser on Firestick that has been recently installed.

Best Firestick Browsers for 2021

The list below contains some of the best fire TV stick browsers that you can download on your Amazon Fire TV stick, Firestick, or other Amazon Fire Tv devices that you use. So, to get the best browsing and streaming experience, refer to the browsers listed below and opt for the one you find suitable.

Amazon Silk Browser

If you are searching for an easy-to-use browser on Firestick, Amazon Silk Browser is something that you should try. You will find the Amazon Silk browser easily in the store because it is specially designed for your Fire Tv device. It is a popular browser amongst the users and has a user interface that anybody can efficiently operate.

Another significant feature of the Amazon Silk browser is that it can also be used on Kindle Fire devices. There is a separate version available for such devices, which is why many Fire TV Stick users opt for the Silk Browser for browsing and streaming content on their Fire TV.

If you are a Firefox browser user, you might be familiar with the bookmarks you can add. Similarly, you can also add bookmarks on the Amazon Silk Browser. Here, you can create and add bookmarks with much ease.

When you open the home screen of the Amazon Silk Browser, you will see a star-shaped icon on the top. This star-shaped icon can be used to create bookmarks when you are browsing any web page.

Moreover, the Silk browser can be accessed in many places because it is available in over 100 countries worldwide. It enables you to use it in most places without changing the search engine regularly whenever you travel from one place to another.


  • Amazon Silk browser can be used effortlessly.
  • You can create bookmarks and add them for later visits in Silk Browser.
  • There is no default search engine on Amazon Silk Browser. Hence, you can change the search engine at your convenience.


  • You cannot sign in on Silk Browser, and your devices cannot be synced on it.
  • Casting is not possible on Amazon Silk Browser.

Firefox for Fire TV

Another one in the list of the best firestick browser is Firefox for Firestick and Fire TV. It is a branch of the official Firefox browser that many of you use, but it is designed solely for the Fire Tv user.

This derivative of Mozilla for Firestick has many incredible features that many Firestick users look forward to. Firefox is being used by many, and undeniably it has a massive fan base. It is the most popular browser worldwide, and every device has it at any cost. You will find its desktop version as well as its Firestick version.

Firefox conducts thorough research across the entire internet whenever you browse any content or video on it. The results are always excellent, and Firefox is one of the best browsers and never disappoints you. Besides, its home screen is handy as it contains all the recent searches that you have made. So, anytime you want to watch any content again, you won’t have to waste time searching it again. Open Firefox, and it will be there waiting for you.


  • Firefox is incredibly straightforward and easy to use.
  • On Firefox, you can create and manage the bookmarks like in the Amazon Silk browser.
  • Unlike Amazon Silk browser, you can cast the tabs from different devices on your Firefox browser for Fire Stick.


  • Firefox has a default search engine that is Google, and it cannot be changed.
  • You cannot sync with other devices that you use on Firefox.
  • Since there are fewer features on Firefox, you may not have an excellent experience.

Google Chrome

For those who don’t know, Google Chrome is not present in the official app store of Amazon, which is why it has to be sideloaded using other apps like downloads available on Amazon. Since third-party apps can be effortlessly downloaded on the fire stick, you can also download Google Chrome and use it on your Firestick.


  • When you use this browser on your Firestick, your privacy is maintained.
  • The installation is pretty simple, and it gets set up in minutes, which is another excellent factor behind its popularity.
  • It is very reliable, and as a browser, it protects your device and files from getting attacked by an unwanted website.
  • The sideloaded app is as useful as its desktop version.


  • It has to be sideloaded and hence becomes a bit more complicated to use than all the other browsers available on the official app store of Amazon.
  • Video categories based on your streaming and browsing history are not displayed on its site.
  • The default search engine on it is Google.

Puffin Tv Browser

Puffin Tv browser is fast pacing towards gaining popularity. It is an excellent browser app that has been newly added on Amazon. This firestick browser, Puffin, has many incredible features that you should check out.


  • This site is faster, and the search engine present here is JavaScript.
  • Adobe Flash is also supported by this browser.
  • Puffin’s browser enables you to navigate and use the interface of this site effortlessly.
  • This firestick browser charges no fees from those using a Firestick device for streaming content.


  • Not as popular as other browsers.
  • It lacks some features found on Amazon Silk browser and others.
  • It has a default search engine that cannot be changed.

Opera Browser

Opera browser is another prevalent browser that is used by many. You can access it on many platforms, and if found on Amazon, it is nothing extraordinary! This browser for the Firestick offers you an enjoyable time while browsing. You won’t run into any unwanted advertisements because Opera ensures that you don’t get interrupted while streaming your favorite content or browsing it on the TV.

This feature is not found in any other browser, and hence you get interrupted many times while watching your TV. Opera works fast and saves a lot of space on your device. Since it is famous for compressing videos, the space on your device, the bandwidth, and the time all are saved. You can privately browse whatever content you want, and nothing will be stored in its cache folder.

The opera browser is also small in size and lightweight, making it faster and smoother to operate. You won’t encounter slow loading pages when using Opera. Thanks to its small size, nothing gets slowed down. If you are searching for a perfect browser to install on your Firestick for browsing the web pages on your TV, nothing can match the suitability of the Opera browser.


  • It has a well-organized interface that anyone can use irrespective of his experience with the streaming and browsing app.
  • You can effortlessly download it from the official app store of amazon.
  • It blocks out the advertisements so that you are not interrupted while watching or browsing the web pages on your TV.
  • You can zoom any page to see the content better. This ability to zoom is not found on other browsers, whether it be the Amazon Silk Browser or any other.
  • It provides you news feeds on its web page so that you stay updated.


  • The videos based on your browsing history are not displayed on this app.
  • It has a default search engine.

Glance Browser

Glance browser is developed by the same search engine that has created an excellent browsing app like Chrome. It works faster, and all the pages get loaded in seconds. Also, the interface of this app is very straightforward. Regardless of your knowledge about the functions and features of this browser app, you can use it with ease. It yields high performance and never disappoints you.

It has a fascinating search widget that enables you to do quick searches and get instant results. It saves a lot of time and provides the solution to all your needs. For those who don’t know, Glance browser is a derivative of Silk Browser.

Since the Silk browser is so famous, many people also try its potential alternative, which is this app. If you haven’t tried it yet, but Silk browser is your favorite browser app, don’t forget to check it out too. We are sure that you will like this alternative of Silk Browser and will use it in the future again.


  • Like Opera, Glance Browser also blocks out the ads so that you don’t get interrupted while watching TV.
  • It operates very smoothly and is faster. You can do your searches quickly and can get instant solutions.
  • The interface is straightforward and effortless to use.
  • The search widget is an extraordinary utility present on this app.


  • It has a default search engine that cannot be changed at any time.
  • Your browsing history is not stored. Hence, if you want to browse the same content, you will have to search for it again.

Some Final Words

Before we conclude our article, we would like to warn you about browsing any content using your Firestick. When you install any browser, it gives you access to both restricted and free content. You can browse and stream both kinds of content. However, the restricted content is not meant to be streamed on the Firestick.

The reason being that the restricted content has some copyright and hence can only be watched or streamed on the platform they were initially published at. If you watch it somewhere out of that platform, you break the norms and commit a crime.

The government and other concerned authorities continuously track the activities of the people streaming content using the Firestick. They can trace your IP address if they find something fishy. Once your IP address has been traced, you will then land in the courtroom where you might be sentenced to stay behind bars for breaking the norms.

Hence, to hide your IP address and stay protected from such circumstances, you are advised to use a reliable VPN. A VPN or Virtual Private Network hides your IP address and keeps you away from the people’s radar on the lookout for people who use the Firestick to stream restricted content. So, you can safely browse and stream any content on your Firestick by using a VPN.

Coming back to the main topic, while Silk Browser remains the dominant one in the world for firestick browsers, there are many other browsers that you can opt for other than the silk browser. To get the best out of your Firestick and exploit it to its maximum potential, you should opt for a suitable browser.

If you opt for the Silk browser, you will have a great time watching your TV and streaming content. However, if you opt for browsers other than the Silk browser, your entertainment won’t be compromised. Hence, don’t chase the most popular one. Instead, look for your needs and convenience and then download the one suitable.

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