When a person is effectively using the internet, they will require to protect their accounts with passwords for all the apps and the websites they are using.

Everyone will want their passwords to be secure and robust. But this also gives rise to a severe problem, which is how are you supposed to keep all of your passwords user-friendly and easily usable, open-source password. This is the main reason why the crowd looks up to the password suggesting manager like the LastPass.

The secure password manager relieves you from the stress of remembering the password like in LastPass which is easy to use. It can store and use your passwords and login information for all the activities you are carrying through the online interface.

Data encryption enables you to save you from typing strong passwords as it provides you with the auto-fill features, which makes logging into your secure accounts even more comfortable.

Why seek an alternative to Lastpass?

Lastpass is a top-rated password manager available in the market. Lastpass has gained so much popularity as it is effortless to use and carries an array of all the essential features. All these features are inclusive of the compatibility with the browser and the operating systems and are also provided with up to 1 GB storage and features for the auto-fill functionality.

But like any other password management system, Lastpass also has its drawbacks, which are all prompt to the users to seek out various other password managers available. These drawbacks are also comprised of the lack of advanced features, excellent customer support, and the free version in the Lastpass.

Leading options for an alternative to Lastpass


Keeper is an alternative to LastPass, which is very rich in features inclusive of all the password managers. The wide range of available features makes it a perfect alternative to LastPass. The features are mostly inclusive of the following features:

  • Password sharing
  • Forms can be auto-fill.
  • Two-factor authentication is available.
  • Web browsers have the import feature.
  • Analysis of the strength of the passwords.
  • Auto-fill for multiple forms.
  • Application passwords.

Keeper focuses much on its features and can be overwhelming the users who are likely to prefer the not so complicated Lastpass. This feature is well supported by the FAQ and the customer support system that it provides for its customers.

The various features that are provided to us by the Keeper include the well-secured vault. For options cloud, open-source, chat services that are encrypted and a fantastic feature known as BreachWatch which is known to check your passwords with the database available for various features that can be accessed on the dark web.

They have different pricing tiers, which are available from the free plan platforms to enterprise plans platforms. The free keeper version addresses the legal needs, such as auto-fill features and password storage, which can be unlimited.

The Keeper’s paid versions are the place where you can have access to the above mentioned brilliant functions.

Keeper is also inclusive of the family plan as they are aware that the family has many shared digital stuff. They offer the family plan for a more secure option of sharing.


Dashlane is said to be one of the best password managers who are available in the market. It also provides the user with almost similar features that are present in the Lastpass. That is precisely why it is the appropriate alternatives for the LastPass. It is comprised of the following features.

  • Analysis of the password strength.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Importing is done by web browsers.
  • Auto-fill for the multiple forms.
  • Sharing of the passwords.
  • Auto-fill for the online forms.

The Dashlane has a drawback of the application passwords’ compatibility features, and it also has brilliant security features with duo security. The security architecture has a patented version, which is one of the best in the competition for the alternatives to Lastpass for android.

The free software version of the Dashlane can easily handle the primary password’s storage in the Windows, Mac, Linux, and available device generation software for Dashlane.

The Dashlane premium version for the Dashlane enables the host to have amazing features in the various categories, including dark web monitoring, remote account access, and VPN WiFi protection. The interface can also support all the intuitive interfaces that will make the software the best password manager in all categories.

Sticky password

This interface is known to maintain the right balance between the features provided to the advanced users and can also be accessed by the basic users in all categories. Sticky password has the basic features inclusive of the following excellent solutions with the free open-source with a premium plan for windows.

  • Auto-fill for the multiple forms
  • Importing them from the web browsers.
  • auto-fill feature for the online forms
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Passwords for applications with OneLogin.

There are certain drawbacks to the Sticky password like it lacks some of the features offered by the Lastpass. Firstly the password strength actionable report and also the feature to be able to share the passwords securely.

The Sticky password is also shining brightly compared to the other best options in customer support and maintaining a balance between usability and functionality.

There is also a version of the sticky password, which is available for free on iOS and Android phones and has more features inclusive of multiple features like the digital wallet and biometric identification.

The premium version for the Sticky password offers access to the cloud and contributes to all the terms required to protect the manatees, which is a nice bonus in the premium plan.


1Password is also an excellent choice for users seeking a shared password manager for the multiple users in the mac ios and chrome os. The significant features that have been included to make it an outstanding option to Lastpass are easy to use password and the features mentioned below.

  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Auto-fill for the forms that are available online.
  • To import from all the web browsers.
  • Analysis for the strength of the password
  • Application passwords.
  • Auto-fill for the multiple forms

When 1Password is compared with LastPass’s alternatives, it suffers massively all due to the pricing plan it is offering for multi-factor authentication and file storage.

There is often a free trial which is there for personal users. Still, they do not provide the users with an option for the continuous use of the software for no cost after the expiration of the LastPass trial in all categories. The business plans are quite expensive than the Lastpass, and it is also offering similar options like the Lastpass.

Some outstanding options are being offered by the 1Password, which sets them different from all the other alternatives to Lastpass in all categories like it can store passwords locally from the third-party apps.

It is also inclusive of the emergency kit, which is known to be one backup PDF document, which includes your master password and one login key, which is a secret. The usability can stack up nicely against the alternatives even in terms of credit cards for business.

Password Boss

Password Boss will work well for people seeking advanced features for the user management-based password at some reasonable prices as it provides the users with many excellent features inclusive of the following sensitive data feature.

  • Auto-fill features for the online forms.
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Analysis of the password strength
  • Auto-fill for multiple forms
  • Import cloud-based data from web browsers
  • Sharing of passwords.

Password Boss is one free version, but it lacks the compatible features present in the Lastpass and the app passwords for the site. Many extensive features are present in the password manager for the site. It represents the list of elements in a user-friendly manner in the windows android software with the interface’s help and the guide for the startup. This also helps in the business as it makes up for the time lost in customer services’ slow responses.

Choosing the best alternative to Lastpass

The LastPass is very popular as it can provide the users with all-round usability, which can easily balance a straightforward interface that delivers excellent features.

People seeking an alternative to the Lastpass are looking for the password generator and password managers’ features. Every password manager has its strengths and weaknesses, but the Keeper is the best free version password manager. Many features like dark web protection, chat encryption, and features do not sacrifice the interface usability as they have all rights reserved.

Bottom line

If you started using the password manager recently or looking for a password manager with ease of use to answer all your basic needs, Lastpass is the best option for you. But if you are looking for easy use password manager who is conclusive of all the advanced features, then the best option for you is the Keeper. It has an excellent user interface and thus accounts for being the alternative to Lastpass.

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