The application Kodi is effortless to operate; however, not actually a simplistic kind of an excellent content streaming service through the internet.

In any case, considering the Kodi application is happening to be utilized by a great number of people around the world, we will undoubtedly assume it should be anything but difficult to utilize this instrument. On the off chance, you believe that you want something different. Kodi can also be most suitably portrayed as something of a home theatre application and could bend around as somewhat of a video gaming console.

In this comprehensive guide, you will learn up all that you require to understand about the Kodi app and learn the necessary things to improve your user experience. We also will furnish you using all the suggestions and deceives and admittance to all of the significant assets you could require.

With the assistance of this comprehensive guide, you get acquainted with Kodi. However, you likewise realize all the instruments to begin streaming online your free films, TV series, Channels broadcasting live television, or even sports channels that are broadcasted live.

Moreover, that’s just the start of the list of all the tasks you could perform after this walkthrough.

The user is not required to have in their minds any prior knowledge about advanced technology or any uncommon specialized information, or an expectation to learn and adapt to comprehend and begin watching films or series on the application Kodi. However, having someone walk you through the whole process is always better than having to sail through it alone.

So, we are here to get around to downloading, installing, and starting up Kodi somewhat quicker. In this guide, we will walk you along through everything that holds the several crucial standards of Kodi. Here we also cover all the things you require and what you need to think about before and while installing Kodi on your respective devices to begin streaming your #1 content in a matter of minutes.

A brief about Kodi

When fabricating a definitive home theatre framework, all the equipment on the planet can’t do your equity without some incredible programming to go with it. In case you’re searching for the ideal approach to watch motion pictures and TV shows, tune in to music, and catch the entirety of your #1 games, Kodi is the application for you.

Kodi resembles VLC from various perspectives, however, for certain vital contrasts. While VLC is all the more prominently used to play the media put away locally on the gadget stockpiling, Kodi is principally for real-time media over the web. Kodi can likewise be utilized for neighborhood media playback, yet that is not what it is so famous for.

Kodi is an online media streaming application that is open-source and free. That is the most straightforward and most appropriate meaning of this immensely famous application.

Since it’s open-source, a vast network of software engineers and designers has developed around the application. In case you’re a talented coder, you can even make changes to the source code yourself.

Kodi proffers you an unrestricted and unlimited admittance to a large number of online streamable content comprising of shows, films, live TV channels, sports, and significantly much more. However, no media is remembered for the application. All that you require is the privilege to correct the add-ons that Kodi offers. Furthermore, if you are hoping to upgrade your by and large Kodi experience, you should definitely try your hands on the Builds provided by Kodi as well.

Installing Kodi on various devices

Now you may be wondering how to use Kodi? Don’t worry. You just have to install Kodi on your device to use Kodi. The platform is supported by many devices. All you need to do is install it on your device and start watching your favorite movies, tv shows, and documentaries without any unnecessary hassle. Let us now dive into the process of Kodi installation on different devices.

FireStick and Fire TV by Amazon

To make the Kodi application run on your Amazon Fire TV and FireStick devices, you first need to check if your device has installation from unknown sources enabled.

To enable installation from unknown sources, you have to follow the steps given below.

  1. Open the Settings from your FireStick home screen.
  2. On the right-hand side, you’ll see an option that reads ‘My Fire TV.’ Click that.
  3. Click on the Developer Options.
  4. Now, look for the ‘Installation from Unknown Sources’ option.
  5. You’ll see that it is disabled by default. You have to enable it.

Now, you can easily install any third-party application you need from any website you want. This is a very important step to install Kodi on your Amazon Fire TV Stick if you want to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

Now, we move to the main thing – downloading and installing the Kodi application on your preferred device, be it Fire TV or FireStick by Amazon. Follow the steps below to install the Kodi application on your FireStick device successfully and watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

  1. The primary item you require is the Downloader application, an application that acts as a tool that sideloads applications for the FireStick device you are using. The user isn’t allowed to download the Kodi application straightforwardly from an internet browser. You need this application to install and use Kodi. The Downloader application is accessible through the Amazon Store. The user can also find it by utilizing the search alternative on the home screen of your FireStick.
  2. Now dispatch your Downloader application, then snap on the Browser tab on the left-hand side.
  3. Write right in the address bar area and open it.
  4. When the new web page completes loading, click on the hamburger-like list symbol in the page’s upper-right nook.
  5. Go a bit down to a dropdown list and click on the Downloads option.
  6. When you’re on the website page that just loaded up, move a bit down to the part where the Android category is listed and snap the APK interface (the thing that has ARM APK written on it).
  7. Now allow the Kodi APK to download completely. It would usually take about a moment. However, this really is dependent on your internet connection’s speed.
  8. An installation window would show up after the APK has finished downloading.
  9. Snap on the install option after it arrives on the base right side of the window.
  10. The installation process will also require a moment or most likely less to complete. The window will be closed automatically when the installation is complete.
  11. After you see that the application is installed in the window, don’t open it for now. But, click on the Done option for the time being and go back to the Downloader application.
  12. Once the installation is complete, feel free to delete the Kodi APK file since it is not required now, and if it is left as it is, it will only eat up your FireStick device’s limited space.

Smartphones and tablets running on Android OS

These gadgets, like smartphones and tablets that function on the Android OS, accompany the help of Google Play Services, including the Play Store by Google.

The application Kodi is also officially listed in the Play Store itself. It means, like, in contrast to the installation process in the FireTV or the FireStick by Amazon, here the user isn’t required to perform a manual installation of the Kodi application or are not required to install the application Kodi by sideloading it on your Android devices like tabs and phones.

It means that Kodi isn’t only popular, but it is also on Google’s safe lines, which further proves it is a safe and legit application for streaming content on the internet. You can easily use Kode and watch tons of movies and TV shows.

The process of installing the application on an Android device is as follows:

  1. Click on the Play Store application icon on your preferred Android device to open it.
  2. Search for Kodi in the search bar
  3. Hit the download button and let it finish up

Enjoy! You are all set with the installation process. Feel free to navigate the Kodi home screen and scroll through the long list of movies, TV shows, and other documentaries.


The process to install the Kodi application on your device that runs on Microsoft’s Windows operating system is very straightforward. All you need to keep in mind is the version of the operating system software you have on your device.

Windows 10

If your system runs on the newest Windows 10, you don’t even need to go to your browser. The application Kodi is officially available in the Microsoft Store app, pre-installed on every Windows 10 device. Just follow these steps, and you’ll get the application:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store
  2. Write Kodi in the search bar and hit enter.
  3. You will see a new page load up that would show you the application Kodi listed with many other apps of the same category.
  4. Click on Kodi, and from there, you can download it.
  5. The download would subsequently be followed by an auto-installation, which would take a few moments to finish.
  6. After this is done, you can access the Kodi application from your app drawer or the Start menu.

Windows 8.1 and previous versions

In the event that the device you are using runs on Windows 8 or the previous Windows versions, you’ll need to download the Kodi application straight from its official site. Here’s a simple walkthrough:

  1. Open in your internet browser.
  2. Go to the Download section on the upper-right side of the webpage.
  3. You will now see a list of different platforms on which you can download and install the Kodi application.
  4. Select the logo of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
  5. Now, in the Recommended category, select the preferred option according to your device’s specifications.
  6. Let it complete downloading and then install it like any regular application on your Windows device.

iOS Devices

Although the Kodi application is not available on the App Store by Apple, you can still get your hands on your favorite content streaming application by going to the official site of Kodi.

  1. Type in the URL in your Safari’s address bar.
  2. When the page loads up completely, go to the Download section on the upper-right side.
  3. You will now see a list of different platforms on which you can download and install the Kodi application.
  4. Select the logo of macOS.
  5. Now, in the Recommended category, click on the installer option and let the process complete.
  6. Then, to start the app, follow the same steps you do for any other application on your device.

Also, to make the app function on your macOS, make sure that your version of the macOS is at least 10.8X and is running on a processor by Intel.

Smart TV and TV Boxes on Android

Google Play Store is supported by almost every Android Smart TV (obviously) and the other available TV Boxes. Because Play Store has the Kodi application officially listed in it, downloading and installing it is relatively straightforward on Android Smart TV and TV Boxes.

  1. You need to turn your television set on
  2. If you own an Android TV box, you need to check if its connections to your TV are correctly done or not.
  3. After the home-screen finishes loading up, you must open the Play Store by clicking on your screen’s Play button.
  4. Type in Kodi app in the search bar.
  5. Hit the download button and let it finish up.

Add-ons on Kodi

To have an even better user experience on the Kodi app, you are also permitted to install plugins or add-ons, and there are a lot of them to look over.

In the earlier years, Kodi’s grand accomplishment has depended on the application’s capacity and flexibility to accommodate a plethora of different kinds of add-ons. Obviously, Kodi is a ground-breaking online streaming content-playing application with loads of features, but what sets Kodi apart from its competition are the add-ons.

Basically, Kodi Add-ons are nothing but little snippets of code that can change the Kodi app. Add-ons act as an extension between Kodi, the media player, and the internet’s media sources. Just how a DVD is essential to a DVD Player, in the same way, Add-ons are to the Kodi application.

Add-ons on the Kodi app are fundamentally the same as the applications available on iOS or Android that are added to your Kodi application to increase its functionality, have more diverse content, and get new and improved features.

Just as there are many applications available to download on Android’s Play Store or iOS’s App Store, Kodi also boasts a pre-made, official repository with thousands of add-ons. Be that as it may, lately, many add-ons are now offline. If you want to check if your favorite add-on of Kodi is as yet upheld, your most reliable source happens to be the official site of Kodi (, where they have kept an index of all available and legit add-ons of Kodi.

Since Kodi is an open-source platform, it means that anyone and everyone has the opportunity to create add-ons for it. To use Kodi add-ons, you must initially install them on the Kodi application.

Installing Kodi Add-ons

Installing an add-on to your Kodi application is a fairly easy task if you do it appropriately. To use Kodi add-ons, you have to follow simple steps. Let us dive into them

  1. The process of selection and addition of add-ons in Kodi is normally like this:
  2. Choose what sort of media content you need to view.
  3. Choose the add-ons that give you that content.
  4. Look for the source for installing the selected add-on.
  5. Now, you provide Kodi with the source you think works best for you.
  6. After that, from the provided source, you install the required repo.
  7. Now, from the chosen repo, you install your desired add-on to your Kodi application.

Add-ons on the Kodi app arrive in all sorts and are regularly evolving. Some of the Kodi add-ons are planned with explicit sorts or timeframes as a primary concern, whereas the other ones maintain whole archives of streamable content. Therefore, choosing Kodi add-ons depends totally on the individual’s inclination.

Using Add-ons on Kodi to view Films, TV Series and Shows, Live TV, and much more

Most add-ons include a basic design with alternatives for streaming online, for example, motion pictures, series, TV channels (both live and recorded), and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

You should simply follow the means that we have mentioned above on the best way to introduce video addons. If you do that, you will discover numerous addons for watching motion pictures, series, TV channels, streaming live TV, and that’s just the beginning.

Our professional suggestion would be to use the Placenta add-on or Exodus add-on as they are a finished bundle and bring a wide range of streamable online stuff, be it motion pictures, series, or live TV channels.

About Kodi Builds

Kodi lets you have Builds that supply a visible freshness to the user interface of the Kodi application. Builds on Kodi to improve or modify the manner in which you connect with Kodi. Builds on Kodi likewise arrive installed beforehand with add-ons that are famous and functioning so that you won’t need to add them to the application in a manual way.

In the long run, Kodi’s Builds depend on the add-ons for streaming content on the internet. Hence, one could state, they are not needed in the application. That is not altogether false.

You may have begun with a lot of addons and would not have required any Builds. Yet, the Kodi app gets a lot of pleasurable to use and to the eye when you add the Builds to it. Although it’s not required, we especially suggest using the Kodi application along with a Build.

Installing Builds on Kodi

There is a large number of Builds for Kodi available out on the internet. And of course, not every one of them is acceptable and functional. It is a list of some of the good Builds on Kodi. You may pick whichever one you prefer the greatest. These Kodi builds come in handy on numerous occasions. Here are some of the popular Kodi builds to install.

  1. Titanium Build
  2. Oddball Mods Lite
  3. Basement Door TV
  4. Smooth out Build
  5. No Restrictions Magic
  6. One Nation Portal Builds

The installation process of a Build on the Kodi app requires a touch of preparation. However, it isn’t troublesome. You can use Kodi builds by following the simple process. Most of them come with several Kodi add-ons. You also get many video add-ons with a media player to stream movies, TV shows, and other media files.

Using a Build on Kodi

Installing a significant number of add-ons is one productive method to utilize Kodi. However, another option is called a Build. A Build in the application Kodi incorporates diverse kinds of add-ons that are working and functional and devices into one single installation process for a next-level Kodi Build seeing activity.

The installation of a Build to your Kodi application can prove useful for the fresh and seasoned clients of Kodi app the same. A Kodi Build comprises various add-ons, wizards, and different apparatuses for extreme online content streaming satisfaction. When you are making use of a Kodi Build, the content that you view will come arranged to you into classifications, for example, motion pictures, series, live television, adventure, children, and the sky is the limit from there.

Joining Add-ons with a Build on Kodi

Builds come with many Kodi add-ons. You get several video add-ons, a media player, and several other features to enjoy. However, it is not necessary you get your favorite Kodi add-on in that build.

If you want to install your favorite Kodi add-ons, then you need to follow a simple process. Let us dive into it.

  1. Open the Kodi platform and go to the settings icon on the home screen of your build.
  2. Open the System tab and set the status of Unknown Sources to On.
  3. Open the file manager in your Kodi Build. You need to know that process will be similar for almost all the builds.
  4. Click on the Add Source field and add the source URL. Also, add a name
  5. Now come back to the Kodi home screen and go to the settings icon.
  6. Open the Add-ons tab and select install from the zip file field. Here you need to know that in different builds, the field naming ‘install from zip file’ has to be found accordingly.
  7. Select the name you entered before. Select the repository file. Wait till it is installed.
  8. After it is installed, you will get a field ‘install from repository’ on the same window. Select the install from the repository field and click on the repository with your entered name.
  9. Now select Video add-ons and install your favorite add-on.
  10. Just click on your favorite add-on. Then click on install and wait for the process to be completed.
  11. After this, the Kodi add-on is installed on your device, and you are ready to use the Kodi add-on without any issue.
  12. You will find the Kodi add-on back on the Kodi home screen. Just navigate back to it and explore your favorite movies, TV shows, and other entertaining media files.
  13. Remember that you may need to find fields like ‘install from zip file’ and ‘install from repository’ differently in different builds. However, the steps will be almost similar to install the Kodi add-on. Make sure you remember the name you enter while adding the source.


Nonetheless, before making use of the application, we should initially interface with a VPN to guarantee safe streaming.

All of the content you stream online is not hidden from your Internet Service Providers and the government. It implies that streaming motion pictures, series, live sports, or even some shows for free may push you into some judicial difficulty. Firstly, you should never stream online content from shady websites or commit piracy. But, in these times, with thousands of online streaming services available, sometimes it becomes difficult to part the good ones from the illegal ones.

A VPN helps you bypass the online surveillance and limitations put up by your Internet Service Providers and the government and geo-limitations on the viewing of online content.

Almost every VPN service available online has the same interface, so it should be easy for you to launch on after this. Just download any VPN service of your choice just as you downloaded your Kodi APK. Then, after the download completes, start the installation process and let it finish.

After it has been installed successfully, you can delete the APK as it will only use your space in the FireStick device that you own. After all of this is finished, you only need to open your VPN application and start it up. You may or may not need to register yourself on it and create your account for a better user experience.

Now that your VPN application is all set up and working, you can enjoy streaming online without worrying about any surveillance or restriction by your government or your Internet Service Provider.

Before beginning your use of the Kodi application for online streaming any content you wish, always remember this key point. Be it your #1 film, television series, or any sort of sports; we firmly prescribe you to get your hands on a decent VPN connection for Kodi.

With a VPN introduced on your streaming gadget, you will be shielded from your Internet Service Provider and any potential programmers the same. In the event that you are encountering buffering inside Kodi, a VPN could likewise help. A Kodi VPN scrambles your web connection and redirects the online traffic through a virtual, private server.

Thus, anyone who may be attempting to follow your web exercises neglects to do as such. There are various VPN applications available on the internet for you to choose from. Some of the reliable ones are ExpressVPN, Nord VPN, and IPVanish.


All of this is essentially all you are required to understand about Kodi as a novice. Indeed, you will commonly only have to utilize the fundamental functions of Kodi that we have delineated in this comprehensive walkthrough.

Kodi is one of the most remarkable bits of amusement programming you can get and empowers you to stream a broad scope of content from the web or nearby gadgets. Kodi is a bit of programming intended to stream content on a range of devices, which implies it’s entirely lawful.

Despite the fact that there is a thing you should remember, Kodi’s open-source nature suggests it’s also conceivable to download the scope of add-ons. A portion of the product’s most famous extensions does enter a risky area.

When in doubt, on the off chance that you speculate that an add-on to your Kodi application conveys media that looks highly unrealistic, the odds are that the said content is likely questionable. Presently you realize how to introduce a specific addon to the gadget you are utilizing and figure out ways to load the add-ons, and then you would have just dealt with an extraordinary arrangement.

Builds by Kodi are incredible. Builds offer a visual appeal to the application’s graphical user interface while making your experience on Kodi simpler with pre-introduced add-ons.

The idea of having a build on your Kodi application is excellent. We are only stating that in any event, the moment you remove the added builds from the comparison, you also could just at present utilize the Kodi application solely relying on the addons. However, the amount of stuff you can manage without the add-ons available in Kodi isn’t that much.

When almost everyone is shifting to the cloud-based real-time online content streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, Kodi has its devoted foundation of the crowd.

It’s an unmistakably remarkable application in the event that you need to oversee the content locally on your own. On the off chance that you have gathered long stretches of downloaded content, at that point, you should utilize Kodi to put together everything consistently.

It will improve your user experience by such a significant amount with ground-breaking media player, captions, add-ons, and significantly more. We trust that this article had the option to assist you in the beginning with Kodi.

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