Best Putlocker Alternatives

Putlocker has long been one of the most popular free movie streaming websites, but along with it, more of these online resources for free viewing of movies and TV shows which have rights reserved have been blocked or shut down by government authorities and various hosting companies.

The question is, are there are any good alternatives for the Putlocker, which you can use to watch movies, shows, series, and other content free of charge and without repercussions?

We have picked the best Putlocker alternatives that offer high-quality content free of charge, easy to use and have fast streaming speeds.

Please, keep in mind that, however, well-vetted many of these free movie streaming websites and Putlocker alternatives can be, there are still some risks for your online privacy and security if you use them without a reliable VPN service.

A good VPN will mask your IP address and prevent tracking your activity on such streaming websites and Putlocker alternatives. Also, many ISPs will throttle your online activity if they detect heavy usage such as streaming, gaming, and torrenting, which is another reason why you should install a reliable and secure VPN when browsing the Internet and especially when accessing free streaming sites.

With a suitable VPN, you can also unblock geo-restricted content on the best Putlocker alternative websites and stay safe from government authorities, hackers, and other third parties.

Here is the list of the best websites you can use as Putlocker alternatives and as free alternatives to Netflix and other paid streaming platforms.

The best alternatives to Putlocker which you can use in 2022


123 Movies is one of the best Putlocker alternatives, which remains unblocked and can be used for online streaming of free movies, TV shows, and other content just like Putlocker.

123Movies is the streaming site with the most extensive catalog of all our top picks of movies, TV shows and other content. You can find hundreds of favorite titles and some hidden gems.

The catalog of the streaming site includes a variety of movies, TV shows and live-action videos. You can choose among US and western movies and TV series and shows, Asian movies and TV dramas, anime, and other content from the alphabetically sorted list of films on the site.

The Putlocker alternative, 123Movies has an easy to use search engine for movies and TV series, and is straightforward enough even for newbies.

Although the best Putlocker alternative has fewer ads than other alternatives to the Putlocker website, it still has some advertisements which can interfere with your online streaming.

No registration or logging in is required for accessing the content of this best Putlocker alternative, so you can watch movies, shows, or other content immediately.

With a reliable and secure VPN, you can safely access all of the shows and movies on this Putlocker replacement site, and avoid clicking on malicious links as well as being tracked by third parties like your ISP, legal authorities, hackers, or advertisers.


PopcornFlix is an excellent alternative for the Putlocker site as well as for the paid Netflix streaming service.

The streaming site is one of the best Putlocker alternatives. It has an extensive library with many classic movies and TV shows, as well as new titles. You can also find some rare B-rated cult titles which cannot be found on any other free on-demand streaming websites.

The user interface of the PopcornFlix website is easy to navigate. The content of this best Putlocker alternative is categorized under easy to access categories, including new arrivals, most popular, viral videos, staff picks, PopcornFlix originals, horror, comedy, romance, drama, action, and so on.

Keep in mind that the movies, TV shows and other content available on this free movie streaming site are restricted to residents of the US only. If you live in another country, you can easily override this restriction and use the Putlocker alternative to watch movies and TV shows with a suitable VPN with servers located in the USA.

The VPN can also help protect you from malicious and shady links and ads, as well as allow you to stream as much content as you want and enjoy the latest movies without being tracked by your ISP or by the authorities.

Overall, this Putlocker alternative is one of the easiest to use and includes a vast array of films, shows, and series for any taste.

PopcornFlix is also one of the best Putlocker alternative platforms if you prefer using your mobile phone for watching shows and films because it offers a layout that is optimized for mobile use for both Android and iOS phones and devices.

No registration is required for streaming content from PopcornFlix.


SolarMovie is not as popular as PopcornFlix or 123Movies, but it is an excellent hidden treasure and alternative to Putlocker, where you can find various old and new free movies and TV shows to enjoy watching them online.

You don’t need to register to access the content and to watch movies or series of your choice on one of the best Putlocker replacement sites for free movies and TV series.

The website has a minimalist design, which makes navigating through the movies and TV series and other content easier and less frustrating than on many other streaming sites.

The Putlocker alternative has an easy to use Search feature with a filter. You can also get ideas about what movies and TV shows to watch next by browsing the useful trending, latest, highest-rated, and most viewed categories.

If you decide to register for this streaming site, you can add requests for specific content and create your own personal favorite list of movies and TV shows online too.

Whichever option you choose, remember to use a VPN connection when accessing SolarMovie.

Just like with any other free on-demand streaming site, there is a risk of your identity and location being exposed and your streaming activities being tracked if you use an unprotected connection to this best Putlocker alternative to watch movies and TV shows online.

Los Movies

Los Movies is one of the best Putlocker alternatives for those of you who enjoy watching foreign movies and TV shows. Its library includes some rare films and TV series from around the world – all available in their original languages. Some of them have English subtitles too.

There is no registration required for accessing and viewing the free online content on Los Movies which is another best Putlocker replacement sites for watching the latest movies and TV series online for free.

The site is easy to use, and you can sort the titles by the date they were added, their date of release, and can also find the most popular online content in the latest trending menu.

Los Movies is straightforward to use and will allow you to watch a wide variety of high-quality films and shows for free online.

One problem with this Putlocker replacement is that there are a lot of annoying pop-up ads. This can easily be resolved by installing an ad-blocker or using a VPN app with a built-in adblocker like NordVPN.


Fmovies is an excellent alternative to Putlocker, especially for those of you who tend to get overwhelmed by complicated and cluttered screens.

The free movie streaming website has a minimalist design, which makes it pretty straightforward to use.

You don’t need to register to search through the content and to stream the movies or shows of your choice from Fmovies.

The search function of this Putlocker replacement is easy to use if you are looking for a specific title.

If you are still undecided on what to watch, you can browse through the categories, which are divided into different genres, as well as into most-watched and most recently added movies and shows, and find a movie or TV show which is of interest to you.

The free movie streaming site similar to Putlocker has ads, but they are not too overwhelming.

Still, to be on the safe side, you should always access and use Fmovies and any of the other free on-demand streaming websites like Putlocker via an encrypted VPN connection, which will protect your privacy and security and keep you safe from tracking or malicious attacks.


GoMovies is now available with a new clutter-free layout, which will enable you to search for the movies or shows you want to watch for free.

If you prefer a more detailed homepage, you can easily switch to the old GoMovies layout and then browse the available free content by categories so that you can find movies or series which may be of interest to you.

The categories of this Putlocker alternative are divided into most viewed, trending as well as in IMDB rating groups of titles.

The free movie streaming website also has a useful night mode, which you can use to enjoy watching movies late at night.

Once again, you can ensure that your IP and your online browsing activities remain hidden from prying eyes by using a VPN when accessing GoMovies and when streaming movies or other content from this great Putlocker alternative site.


MoviesJoy is another popular free streaming website which, just like Putlocker, offers access to a vast selection of completely free movies and shows to watch online.

You can find high-quality HD and Full HD movies and series easily by searching the platform or by browsing through the different available categories of this Putlocker alternative.

You can select the movie or TV show you want to enjoy for free from categories like trending, recently added, coming soon, and more.

There are well known and rare movies and TV series included in the online library of MoviesJoy.

Unfortunately, there can be some malicious links and annoying pop-up ads on the streaming site for movies, which can be avoided by installing an ad blocker or by using a secure VPN service with a built-in ad blocker and malware protector like NordVPN.


AZMovies is another one of the best Putlocker alternatives where you can always find movies to watch for free.

The free on-demand streaming website has a large library of high-quality movies and TV shows, which are divided into categories, so you can find the latest, trending and other content easily if you are still undecided on what to watch.

You can also browse the available movies by genre and year on this Putlocker alternative.

AZMovies offers good quality online content and has alternative mirror links that you can access if the link for the title you are interested in is not working.

The Pultocker replacement website is easy to use to find movies and shows for streaming, although some users may find it a tad cluttered.

There are also annoying pop-up ads that can disturb your browsing and streaming experience, which you can eliminate with a reliable ad blocker or VPN with an integrated ad-blocking feature.

Yes! Movies

Yes! Movies is a free on-demand streaming website where you can find some rare titles as well as the latest movies and TV series. It also includes interesting free documentaries that are hard to find online.

The interface of the Putlocker alternative website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. You can search for specific shows or movies or browse the available content by categories, including IMDB ratings, genre, latest, and others.

To stay safe from exposing your streaming activities to your ISP, the authorities, or to hackers, you can stream content from Yes! Movies via a secure and encrypted VPN connection.

Watch Series Online 

If you are looking for a free streaming service for watching TV shows and series and other TV content online, then Watch Series Online may be the perfect alternative for Putlocker for you.

The website is focused on providing high-quality, completely free TV series and shows.

You can browse through the different available categories, including the newest episodes, the newest TV shows, TV mini-series, TV networks, and others. You can also perform a quick search to look for a specific show or series you want to watch on-demand for free.

The Putlocker replacement website offers various mirror links for its available titles, so you will be able to access the show you want to stream via one of the provided links.

Most of the shows are available in HD quality but keep in mind that some annoying ads can interfere with your streaming unless you install an ad-blocker or use a VPN with a built-in ad-blocking feature.

Why is a VPN essential for free movie and TV show streaming?

Like Putlocker, most popular free streaming sites for TV shows and movies are under constant scrutiny by the legal authorities and hosting companies. This is why many of them switch domains frequently or are being blocked or shut down completely.

This is also a fact that hackers and malicious users use to set up fake copycat sites that can lure you and then infect your device with malware or steal your personal information, bank card details or otherwise harm you.

Also, most of the best Putlocker alternatives do not actually host the content but rather provide links to other mirror sites. This makes it difficult to know which sites and links can be trusted and used for safe streaming.

And as mentioned previously, most of the free on-demand websites like Putlocker are full of ads, and some even have some false, malicious links which can also take you to shady websites or steal your personal data and track your activities.

Your ISP may also throttle your usage when heavy use like streaming from Putlocker alternative sites is detected.

These are the main reasons why you should always use a VPN connection when accessing even the best Putlocker alternatives and other free online streaming sites.

With a VPN, your real IP address and location will be hidden and spoofed. Your online usage and streaming will be hidden and encrypted, as well.

By installing and using a reliable VPN, you can ensure that:

  • Your privacy is maintained, and that your sensitive data like bank card information remains safe
  • You cannot be tracked down by your ISP or authorities which prohibit access to such free on-demand content
  • You can access free TV shows and movies or any other content which is blocked in your country or area due to geo-restrictions
  • Most VPNs can block ads, malware, trackers, and other intrusion attempts, so you will be able to enjoy your streaming experience without annoying ads and without any risk of being tracked or infected with malware

The best VPNs to use when using free movie and TV show Putlocker alternatives


Key features:

  • The best VPN has a built-in CyberSec ad, malware, and tracker blocker to allow you to stream free TV shows and movies from Putlocker alternative sites without worrying about your privacy or cyber security
  • It comes with a risk-free 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, so you can test it for a month before committing to a longer-term subscription
  • It is compatible with all platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Raspberry Pi, Android TV, Google Chrome, Firefox, and with many routers
  • You will gain access to 5,400 servers in 59 countries so you can spoof your IP and get access to geo-blocked content
  • You can install and use the NordVPN encrypted connection on up to 6 devices simultaneously
  • The Kill Switch will automatically block the internet traffic if the connection to the VPN server breaks down to keep you protected from any leaks
  • The VPN offers the highest level of encryption and authentication used by the military and by banks to protect your data, online usage, and your privacy
  • The VPN will mask your IP and DNS and thus hide your usage from your ISP, preventing throttling of the bandwidth due to streaming, gaming, or torrenting
  • You can use the VPN to share P2P files safely and to download and seed movies, TV and other torrents
  • The connections to the VPN servers are reliable, and the speeds are blazing-high, and thus your internet speed will not be affected for a seamless streaming experience
  • Your privacy is guaranteed thanks to the strict privacy policy and the fact that NordVPN is headquartered in Panama, which doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of the 5/9/14 Eye Alliances
  • Thanks to its SmartPlay DNS,  NordVPN can be used for unblocking content on paid streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO Go, and more
  • The service comes with useful 24/7 live chat customer support


Key features:

  • It offers some of the highest speeds among all VPNs, so you can enjoy streaming free movies from sites like Putlocker or gaming in the highest resolutions without buffering
  • ExpressVPN has over 3,000 physical servers in 94 countries, including 28 in the US, 4 in Honk Kong, and in locations on all continents
  • You can use ExpressVPN to override geo-blocked content, websites, and services anywhere, including China, Venezuela, Vietnam, and Turkey
  • The company guarantees that there is zero-logging of your data and usage thanks to the RAM disk servers and to the privacy-friendly laws in the British Virgin Islands where the company is located
  • The VPN has a one-of-a-kind Split Tunneling option so you can choose which apps and websites to access via VPN and which through your non-encrypted regular connection
  • You can use the VPN for safe and fast seeding, leaching of torrents, and other P2P file sharing
  • The VPN has apps for most popular platforms, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, various gaming consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, most routers, and most Smart TVs
  • You can use the VPN on up to 5 devices simultaneously
  • If you install the VPN on your home’s router, you can protect an unlimited number of connected devices in your Wi-Fi network
  • The company has been audited by leading independent auditors from PricewaterhouseCoopers, and its TrustedServer status has been verified
  • The VPN works with paid streaming websites and platforms including Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ShowTime, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Sling TV, and hundreds more
  • The VPN uses the highest grade encryption and authentication for your data and connection
  • Your ISP won’t be able to track or detect your streaming, torrenting, or other activities online
  • All servers are P2P and torrenting friendly
  • A Kill Switch will prevent leaks even if your VPN connection fails
  • The service is sold with a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • If you sign up for the 12-month plan, you will get another three months of use for free
  • There is 24/7 live chat support available for the service
  • The ExpressVPN apps are very easy to install, set up and use


Key features:

  • You can try the VPN for 45 days risk-free thanks to the prolonged money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • It is among the easiest VPNs to set up and use, perfect for newbies
  • You can install and use the VPN on up to 7 different devices simultaneously
  • The VPN provides access to more than 6,300 servers in 90 different countries so you can spoof your IP, override geo-blocked content and browse securely
  • Your ISP, the government, or hackers cannot track your logs or online habits and activities when using websites similar to Putlocker
  • The VPN ensures high-speed connections for a seamless and enjoyable streaming experience
  • The app has a built-in ad blocker to keep the pesky ads out of your streaming experience
  • It also has an efficient malware protection option
  • It offers military-grade encryption
  • You can use the VPN to download and upload torrents and share files via P2P
  • It is compatible with Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, Linux, Chrome, and routers
  • You can use it to stream content from leading platforms such as Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, and more
  • None of your data, address, or internet usage will be logged by the company
  • It has a Kill Switch, which turns on automatically to prevent leaks if the connection is broken
  • The app is easy to use even if you are not particularly tech-savvy
  • It comes with 24/7 customer support

FAQs about the best Putlocker alternatives

How safe are the Putlocker alternatives?

Even though the free movie streaming websites like Putlocker on our list are currently tested as safe, there is no guarantee that they will remain usable or safe due to the constant scrutiny from authorities and malicious attempts by hackers.

In order to stay safe when using the free streaming websites alternatives to Putlocker to watch movies without payign, always secure your connection to them via a reliable VPN.

Are the Putlocker alternatives legal to use?

This depends on where you live and what types of movies and content you are streaming. In most countries accessing and streaming copyrighted movies or TV shows for free from websites like Putlocker is not legal.

But don’t worry because the majority of the sites from our list contain content that is completely legal to stream.

How to decide which streaming websites I should use?

Pick a free streaming website and Putlocker alternative that is easy to use and one which is not cluttered with potentially malicious links, pop-ups, and other bothersome or dangerous content.

Also, check whether the Putlocker replacement streaming website requires registration for its users, and be wary of entering any sensitive information like bank card info when registering for a free movie streaming site.

Final words

Even though Putlocker is not available anymore, there are still various excellent alternatives for enjoying free movies and TV shows online.

We have picked the safest Putlocker alternatives for you, and those with the biggest libraries, and with the most user-friendly interfaces.

Regardless of which free movie and TV show streaming website you choose, remember to keep your privacy and security protected at all times by using the best VPNs for free movie streaming when using any of these resources!

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