Best ExtraTorrent alternatives

With ExtraTorrent abruptly shutting down in 2017, its thousands of fans and users have been left wondering and searching for the best alternative for the popular torrenting site.

Although there are some copycat sites by the same name, the truth is that ExtraTorrent as we knew it is no longer available for torrent users.

Still, there are some excellent ExtraTorrent alternatives that you can use to download or upload torrents of all kinds.

Please note that whichever of these alternative torrenting sites you choose, you should secure your connection with a reliable VPN to remain safe from malware, cyber-attacks, and legal repercussions by the authorities or throttling by your ISP.

Here are the best ExtraTorrent alternatives for 2020.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is no doubt the most famous torrenting platform in the world. It has been on and offline since 2003 and has accumulated a library of more than 3.3 million torrents of all types, including movies, TV shows, e-books, music, games, software, apps, and more.

One of the best ExtraTorrent alternatives has a very good seeder leecher ratio, so you will be able to quickly and seamlessly download the torrent you want.

It also has an excellent search engine with a search bar with filtering, allowing for quick location of the torrent files you are looking for, so you can start downloading them via the magnet links or a torrenting client.

The popular torrent site, though, is banned in more than 28 countries and by ISPs, the US, UK, Australia, and many more included.

This, though, shouldn’t be a problem for users in these countries who use a good VPN, which can easily override the geo-blocking and provide access to The Pirate Bay.

If you are still unable to access The Pirate Bay, you can use one of the many available Pirate Bay proxy sites for an ExtraTorrent alternative.

With a high-quality VPN, you can also avoid all of the ads which pop up on the torrenting site and avoid being redirected to shady sites by some malicious links found on the website.

It will also mask and spoof your IP, so your ISP won’t detect heavy usage and block or throttle your connection.

Keep in mind that the notorious torrent site does contain files that may be infringing copyright laws, so be careful what you do with the downloaded files.


RARBG is another one of the best ExrtaTorrent alternatives, even though it has fewer files on its list. The popular torrent site includes over 800,000 files, including new and classic movies and TV shows, games, software, e-books, music, and more.

The best part of using RARBG is that all of the uploaders and uploaded files are monitored and vetted, so there is little risk of ending up downloading a fake file.

RARBG is easy to use and has a search engine if you know what file you are looking for as well as many categories so you can browse through the available content by genre, type, year, latest, most popular, and more.

The torrenting site has high downloading speeds and thousands of active leechers and seeders, so you can download the files you want quickly and easily.

Keep in mind that this best ExtraTorrent alternative is banned in many countries, including the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Portugal, Morocco, Indonesia, Pakistan, and more. Still, even users from these countries can still access the contents of RARBG with the use of a suitable VPN service and by connecting to a remote virtual server in another country.


The 1337x torrent website is another great replacement for the now-gone ExtraTorrent site.

It includes a huge library of more than 2.4 million torrents, most of them vetted and verified.

It has a user-friendly interface with a search engine and different categories to browse through when you want to find something which may be of interest to you.

The torrenting site includes thousands of movies, old and new, TV shows, games, e-books, music files, software, e-books, and more content.

The site is blocked in Australia, Austria, and the UK, as well as by Google search. Still, these countries’ residents can override the ban and access its content with a high-quality VPN connection to a server in another country.

Even though the torrent files which are being uploaded on 1337x are heavily monitored and checked, there is still a risk of stumbling upon a fake or malicious file, just like with all other ExtraTorrent replacement sites.

This is why, just like with every other ExtraTorrent alternative torrent website, and all torrent sites, you should use a malware protector or choose a VPN that has a built-in malware protecting function.


Torlock has been around for a decade and offers access to a stunning 4.5 million torrents of all types.

One of the best Extratorrent alternatives imposes strict scrutiny for all uploaded torrent files and content, and you can even get a $1 reward if you happen to find a fake file in the site’s library.

So, it is among the safest torrent sites you can use in 2020. Plus, it is the torrent site to go to if you are looking for a rare file that is unavailable on other similar sites and ExtraTorrent alternatives.

Then again, many times, some malicious links may appear in the search results and may redirect you to shady sites if you accidentally click on them.

This can easily be avoided with a good malware protection app or a VPN with built-in malware and ad-blocking protection every time you access and use torrent sites.

Torlock is currently banned in Australia, India, and the UK, but users residing in these countries can easily override the restrictions with the help of a good quality VPN.


YTS has one of the smallest and most modest libraries of all of the best ExtraTorrent alternatives on this list, but on the other hand, it among the best torrent sites that offer some of the highest quality movies, which are compressed into small files for easy and fast downloading even when your connection is slow.

You can search among the excellent high-definition movies on the YTS site and browse through the useful categories.

Since it is a specialized movie torrenting site, it is suitable for people who are looking for high-quality movies and not for other files like books, games, software, music, and others.

Currently, YTS is banned in the USA, UK, Australia, Ireland, and other countries. Users there can gain access to high-quality movies and download torrents on the site via a secure VPN connection.

Overall, YTS is an excellent alternative to ExtraTorrent if you want to find high-quality movies and have limited bandwidth.

Still, remember to use a VPN when accessing and using this site in order to remain hidden from your ISP, the authorities, and malicious users, as well as to override geo-restrictions and pop-up ads and malware.

Zoogle is a torrenting website that is suitable for newbies and torrenting experts alike.

It includes an extensive library of over 3.5 million files of all types available for downloading, including movies, TV shows, music, games, e-books, software, apps, and many more.

It has an easy to use search bar, or you can browse through the different file types via the added categories if you are undecided about what you want to download.

This is one of the most popular movies torrenting websites and best ExtraTorrent alternatives for 2020 and includes some classic, brand new, and rare movies, perfect for movie buffs.

It has a lot of active leechers and provides good downloading speeds.

Still, the Extratorrent alternative does have some annoying pop-up ads, so you should use an ad-blocker when using the site.

As with the other torrent websites, it is recommended that you always use a VPN when torrenting. Some of the best VPNs have integrated ad-blocking and malware protection features in them as well. 

TorrentDownloads is one of the ExtraTorrent alternatives with the biggest library of all torrent sites on this list. In fact, you will get access to more than 16 million torrents if you decide to use this site to find movies, shows, games, music, apps, e-books, or other content for free.

This torrent website also features one of the easiest to use interfaces, with a list of the latest torrents appearing on its home page.

This site offers some rare titles and files and has a search engine with advanced filtering so you can quickly locate the torrent you are looking for.

Each of these 16 million torrents on the site which can easily replace ExtraTorrent is rated. Some torrents even have added comments by users, so you can check the validity and the quality of the file before downloading it.

It does have pesky pop-up ads and may contain links to malware, so be sure to use a VPN with built-in protection against malware and ads when you are using TorrentDownloads.

The site is banned in the UK and may be blocked by some ISPs, but with a VPN connection, you can easily override these restrictions.

LimeTorrents is another superb alternative to ExtraTorrent and provides access to nearly 10 million torrents of all types.

It has an easy to use search engine and also different categories with the latest torrents, the vetted and active torrents, as well as different genres and types.

Currently, LimeTorrents is banned in Australia, the UK, and France. It also has suspicious links and some ads, so make sure you always stay protected and override any local geo-blocks by using a VPN connection.

Which VPNs should you use for these ExtraTorrent alternative sites?


  • The VPN service has dedicated P2P servers in different  countries among its total of 5,450 VPN servers in 59 countries
  • Your IP and DNS will be masked at all times, and your connection will be encrypted with the top AES 256-bit encryption to keep you safe from being detected and tracked by your ISP, authorities, and others
  • It is among the fastest VPNs, which makes it perfect for swift torrenting
  • The VPN can be installed and used on up to 6 different devices simultaneously
  • It works with most operating systems and can be installed on most internet-connected devices
  • The app comes with built-in malware and ad blocking
  • It can override VPN blocking systems on streaming platforms and other sites, so you can access geo-blocked content no matter where you are
  • The kill switch will prevent any DNS leaks if your connection fails while you are torrenting
  • The company guarantees a zero-log policy and is situated in privacy-friendly Panama
  • You will get access to 24/7 live chat customer support
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • It is one of the VPNs with the fastest speeds
  • Thanks to the split tunneling, you can download torrents through a VPN connection and perform other online tasks through your regular internet connection
  • The service offers access to 3,000 servers in 90 countries, all of which support torrenting and P2P file sharing
  • You can use the VPN on 5 devices at the same time, and you can install it on just about any device, even on your router
  • It has the highest level of encryption and will hide your IP and your online activities from authorities, your ISP, and third parties
  • The service never logs any customer data
  • It is great for torrenting, gaming and streaming, and unblocking geo-blocked content on streaming sites
  • A kill switch will keep you safe at all times
  • The 12-month plan comes with an added 3-month free bonus
  • All plans are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee


  • It has dedicated servers for torrenting in 30 locations, and a total of 6,300 servers in 90 countries
  • The military-grade encryption will keep you safe from the prying eyes of hackers, your ISP, and authorities
  • The company follows a no-logs policy for its customers
  • You can use it to unblock geo-restricted access to torrent websites and streaming sites successfully
  • A kill switch will eliminate DNS leaks if your connection breaks down
  • It will also work as an ad-blocker and malware protector
  • The VPN can be installed on all popular platform and most devices
  • The service is backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee

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