Avast SecureLine offers adequate VPN protection, reliable speeds, and a large number of different server locations. It is a leading antivirus company, well-known worldwide. It offers many useful features but does not offer any additional privacy tools and can be a bit pricey.

Avast Secureline is famous for its good VPN service, but we think it can get even better since it may need minor correction. Customers of the company should also know that Avast Secureline gathers their personal information.


  • Good speed test results
  • Fair distribution of server locations
  • Transparent privacy policies


  • Privacy practices could be improved
  • Inflexible pricing
  • Few server locations
  • No additional privacy tools
  • Hasn’t undergone publicly released audits

What Is a VPN?

It is a virtual private network that establishes an encrypted channel between your device and the company’s VPN servers. No one will be able to see your internet service provider or what you are doing on the network. This is ideal for your anonymity since they want to sell your personal data to third parties.

Your IP will be hidden behind the VPN server; therefore, advertisers and spies will have a hard time tracking you down. Bear in mind that using a VPN does not keep you safe against all the dangers on the web like malware, malicious ads, or other network attacks that can steal your personal information or harm your PC.

Having antivirus software is very important to keep your device protected from anything that can possibly happen. We also recommend you to enable two-factor authentication to prevent account takeovers in a combination with long and complex passwords when you register on a website.

Pricing and Features

Avast Secureline has a nice pricing offer for its clients that allows them to secure up to up to 5 simultaneous connections on any platform for $59.88 per year. Prices get even better – for a two-year subscription, you pay $95.76 and $143.64 for a three-year subscription. Securing up to five devices is an industry-standard for VPN.

Usually, you will have to pay approximately $73 a year for a VPN subscription. We compared many annual plans of different VPN companies, and we should note that Avast Secureline offers a good value for money since many VPN’s cost significantly more. We can give you a simple example with Hotspot Shield; their annual plan will cost you $95.88.

The vast majority of the VPN industry offer a monthly billing option. This is possible with Avast VPN. For your monthly subscription, you will pay approximately $10 per month. It is much more comfortable and affordable to pay each month, even if it works out to be more expensive than to pay for a whole year.

Annual subscriptions will save you money, but we do not recommend you to go with a long-term subscription. First of all, it si much better to test whether the VPN will work on your favorite sites or if it will provide adequate speeds for your purposes. It will cost you more to start with a monthly plan, but you will have the freedom to switch between VPN services if it appears to be necessary.

We recommend you to go with a long-term subscription only if you feel the provided VPN service is good for your needs. You can check Avast Secureline for free since they have a seven-day free trial that does not require a credit card. This is all good, but we are not sure if a week would be enough to check the quality of their service.

Unfortunately, Avast does not offer monthly plans, but there is a discount for single-device plans. This means that you can protect your device on any platform for $47.88 per year, $71.76 every two years, or $107.64 every three years.

Avast Secureline used to charge separate fees for specific versions of its service depending on the platform. You can always use a discount for such services, which makes them affordable.

This is an outstanding offer by Avast Secureline, but some companies can offer more for less money.

For instance, for only €5 per month, you can use the excellent service of Mullvad VPN- pretty cheap right? There are companies that will cost you more – TunnelBear VPN, for example, will cost you $9.99 per month. It does not have many features but offers a great quality experience, ease of use, and excellent privacy features to its customers.

NordVPN and ProtonVPN have all the VPN tools that you may need for your purposes. Nowadays, many companies do not restrict their customers on how many devices they can use at once.

As we mentioned earlier, Avast SecureLine VPN has also moved from such restrictions and it allows you to secure up to up to 5 simultaneous connections on any platform.

Here are some of the best VPN companies that do not have limitations – they allow you to connect multiple devices that can be used simultaneously – Ghostery Midnight, Windscribe VPN, Avira Phantom VPN, Encrypt.me VPN, Surfshark VPN, etc.

There are some VPN companies that offer their services for free. TunnelBear and Hotspot Shield VPN have limited bandwidth – 500MB per day and per month, but they offer free subscription tiers.

Avast SecureLine VPN mostly offers essential VPN protection. Other VPN services block ads and allow access to the Tor anonymization network via VPN. Only a few VPNs have a feature that lets you route website and app traffic outside the encrypted connection – this feature is called split tunneling. Such a feature is very useful for high-bandwidth needs like gaming or video streaming. It is also suitable for secure websites that block VPN connections, like online banks.

For extra security and privacy, some of the VPNs provide multihop connections, which route your traffic through multiple VPN servers. In case you are looking for VPN services that offer both multihop and split tunneling, we highly recommend you go with -Proton VPN, Surfshark VPN, and CyberGhost VPN.

Avast Secureline does not offer subscription add-ons. This makes online shopping much more comfortable, but VPN companies like TopGuard offer DDOS-protected IP addresses for gamers, static and so-called residential IP addresses. What is the difference? Video streaming services usually do not block residential IP addresses.

VPN Protocols

All VPN connections are created differently. We highly recommend OpenVPN since it is the open-source connection for potential vulnerabilities. We also recommend you IKEv2, which is also a secure and modern protocol. When it comes to Windows and Android Apps, Avast Secureline VPN uses OpenVPN, while for macOS and iOS apps, it uses IKEv2. Preferably, it would be best if both options are available on all platforms.

WireGuard is the next successor of OpenVPN – it is an open-source connection that is faster and more secure than most of the existing options. Mullvad and NordVPN also use new technology. On the other hand, Avast is still among the best VPN companies but may soon fall behind.

Servers and Server Locations

We recommend you to look for VPN companies that offer more server locations because you will have better chances to find one near you wherever you go. For a stronger connection, it is better to connect to a server located near you. You will have a weaker connection if you connect to a server located in another country. The best part about this is you will have various options to take off your location.

Avast Secureline VPN allows access to servers in thirty-five countries worldwide. While most of the VPN companies sort of ignoring South America and Africa, Avast has servers there.

Most of Avast Secureline VPN servers are located in Europe. It also has servers in regions that could stand to be expanded for their slim offerings and countries known for their repressive internet policies like Russia, China, Turkey, etc. For instance, ExpressVPN is a company that has servers in ninety-four countries.

The number of servers offered by a VPN company does not necessarily mean better performance. Avast Secureline VPN has seven hundred servers, which is a pretty large amount. ExpressVPN, Private Internet Access VPN, and TorGuard VPN all offer more than 3,000 servers, while CyberGhost and NordVPN boast each offer 5,000 servers.

Many VPN companies have virtual servers – these are software servers that can be configured to become visible somewhere other than the country of their host device. One hardware server can be a host to multiple virtual servers. Using virtual servers, you create confusion about where your data is actually going.

Most of the virtual servers are marked by their respective VPN companies since they use them to cover regions where they do not have access and it is not safe to physically have a server. Fortunately, Avast Secureline VPN does not have such concerns because they d not use virtual servers.

Your Privacy With Avast SecureLine VPN

One of the most important things you will need to understand before choosing between VPN services is that they all collect information and protect them differently. You can easily find the company policy of Avast Secureline. It is easy to understand and clearly states that it does not store your real IP address, nor any additional information about what you do online, which more than incredible.

When it comes to gathering information about its users, Avast Securline appears to be very transparent. None of their activities seem to be malicious, although they do not seem to be the best privacy practices.

The company states that some of its policies are to curb abuse. They monitor their service improvements, log a timestamp of connection, the amount of data transmitted (not the content), and part of your real IP address. The company also states that in order to identify when its services are not available, it logs your real IP address to the VPN server you use- this information is being deleted once in thirty days.

When it comes to gathering information, each VPN company has a different approach and collect more or less information about your activities. For instance, Mullvad offers you a long ID number, which makes it very difficult to correlate VPN activity to an individual, and it does not require an accounting system. It only generates profit from the sale of subscriptions, which is preferable since it would be better if a VPN does not monetize your user data.

Regrettably, Avast Secureline monetizes its users’ data, and even more regrettable is the fact that the company was caught selling anonymized web usage data that had been collected with Avast’s browser plugin. That happened early in 2020, Avast claimed that the gathered information had been anonymized, but a PCMag investigation found that all of it was linked back to their respective users.

It is important to note that it was not the VPN service but Avast Secureline’s antivirus product that was used in this scheme. Fortunately, Avast no longer gathers data from its users, but such an incident leaves terrible memories when it comes to trusting a VPN company, which is already pretty difficult, even though its VPN service was not involved.

The company that is behind Avast Secureline is called Avast SRO. Its headquarter is located in the Czech Republic and operates under Czech law. Due to legal requests, Avast SRO has provided limited data to law enforcement in the past. We have found all this information in Avast SRO’s Transparency Report, which also acknowledged that the company gave an email address to law enforcement, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

You should know that Avast SecureLine VPN, AVG Secure VPN, and HMA! VPNs are all owned by the same company.

While HMA! VPN operates on its own infrastructure; Avast and AVG-branded VPNs share the same back end. You can check the notable assurance that is included in Avast’s warrant canary where they assure their clients that there is not a backdoor in their system that would grant access to encrypted information. We really like this policy, and we would like to see more companies with similar assurances. Many VPN companies have begun releasing third-party audits of their services – this may not be very useful but is definitely a helpful tendency overall.

Avast Secureline VPN has not undergone a public audit, unlike NorVPN, for instance, which recently finished its second PwC audit. Another very well-known VPN company that has released annual audits for several years is TunnelBear. We really hope that Avast Secureline will also follow their example.

The company claims that its products and services have never been hacked before. Some VPN companies like ExpressVPN have moved to RAM servers, which are immediately wiped whenever the power goes down. Avast Secureline is making a lot of efforts to prevent attacks.

Hands-On With SecureLine

We have tested Windows 10 client on an Intel desktop, and we did not have any trouble installing the client software. The app requires only an activation key to authenticate the client installing it, which can be easily found on Avast’s account page, and you do not even have to write your username and password.

Mullvad and ExpressVPN also use such similar login methods. When you start up the app, you will be pleased t see that Avast Secureline has changed its previous design to a much more clean and modern one. The design is so simple even people who have never used VPN services before will be able to understand what they need to do- this is something that we appreciated a lot.

Once connected to the VPN, you can see how long you have been connected to it with your true and current virtual IP address. There are servers that allow P2P traffic; you can distinguish them since they are marked. Next to the location, you will be able to see a number that shows how many cities are in a specific area.

There is a list that lets you narrow down the server list by continent. Many VPN companies have a built-in specific feature that can be used to find a server near a specific location. Such useful features as server pickers you can see with NordVPN or TunnelBear – they both have a very helpful and visually appealing interface that lets you pull up a list of servers only if you need it.

Unfortunately, Avast Secureline VPN does not allow you to see particular servers within some of the areas. This is a useful feature that makes it more comfortable for you to explore your options when you need to connect to a very particular local server.

NordVPN allows you to browse the full width of the servers that it offers. You can choose the server that will best suit your purposes. You are not allowed to pick a server with low latency or fewer customers manually; this is a choice that the app makes for you. We found this feature pretty satisfying.

The most important thing when using a VPN is to make sure if it is appropriately hiding your personal information. We have verified that Avast Secureline successfully changed our IP address and obscured our internet service provider. You can also use the online DNS Leak Test Tool to confirm that Avast Secureline is not leaking any DNS requests.

Avast SecureLine and Netflix

When it comes to security, using a VPN is an excellent option, but this can complicate some basic things like Netflix, for instance, since it blocks VPNs. This is happening because Netflix does not allow streaming videos for people that are not available in their real location. This way, it does not allow users to spoof their actual location.

Fortunately, you will not have such issues with Avast Secureline. It allows you to browse Netflix freely, stream your favorite movies, serials, TV shows – the only requirement is to be connected to the US server. This may change in the future, but for now, you can use it for free.

Beyond VPN

Nowadays, many VPN companies offer additional security and privacy tools for their customers. For instance, NordVPN has a file encryption system, NordLocker. On the other hand, TunnelBear offers a free ad-blocking browser plugin and password manager – Remember. Hotspot also offers extra protection with its Rango account.

Avast Secureline does not offer extra services to sweeten the deal with its customers. It approaches them in a different manner. Most of the VPN companies do not combine their offerings with their VPN services.

Unlike most of these companies, Avast Secureline VPN offers you their most giant Avast Ultimate bundle. For $99.99 per year, you get VPN, antivirus, and PC cleanup for devices working with Windows, but for only one device at a time. For $113.88 for the first year, Secureline VPN offers the same bundle, but for ten devices.

Speed Tests

When you start using a VPN, your internet traffic goes through more fiber and more machines, which is a long journey; this whole process slows down your connection.

To test the impact each VPN makes on your internet connection, we have used Ookla’s speed test tool. First, we tested the speed without the VPN running then we used the results to calculate a percent change for download, upload, and latency tests. We recommend you to go through these testing procedures to find out your speed’s limitations.

Avast Secureline actually performed well on our tests- it decreased its download speed to 52.5% and its upload speed to 75.1%. Its latency time was remarkably slow but then showed impressive latency results by just 44.6%. Avast Secureline would have easily been the best VPN if it wasn’t for its upload scores. In the chart below, you can see how Avast compares to the top fastest VPNs:

Our final results from the speed test concluded that the fastest VPN of all is Hotspot Shield. It has the least impact on your download speed and latency. Right behind it, with a surprisingly good upload score, is Surfshark.

In terms of speed, both of these VPN companies are worth it. However, this probably is not the most important thing. How good is Avast VPN? Each VPN company offers a different experience, but the most important things to be considered are privacy protection, cost, and value when choosing a VPN.

Avast SecureLine on Other Platforms

Avast offers some of the best SecureLine VPN apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. Is Avast VPN good? Yes, it is, but it does not provide support for installation on routers, nor does it offer apps for Linux. Unfortunately, it is not possible to run Avast Secureline VPN on your streaming devices either.

There are VPN companies like Private Internet Access and TopGuard that make their services easy to access on different devices. Unlike many other VPN companies, Avast Secureline VPN does not provide easy access to the files that are necessary to configure your PC or other devices.

There are no clear instructions or customer support of any kind for such issues, which is disappointing. We highly recommend you to use the supplied client because it is always easier to manage and will provide you access to additional tools.

Wrap UP

Pros and Cons of Avast SecureLine VPN


  • Good speed test results
  • Fair distribution of server locations
  • Transparent privacy policies


  • Privacy practices could be improved
  • Inflexible pricing
  • Few server locations
  • No additional privacy tools
  • Hasn’t undergone publicly released audits

In terms of VPN security and speed test scores, Avast Secureline VPN has reliable performance. But it lacks flexible pricing, privacy practices, and features.

If you read our Avast Secureline VPN review to this point, then you should now be aware their service is not perfect, but decent since there are too many issues you can not just overlook. Its VPN service is very easy-to-use but can not be used on multiple devices at once.

Avast Secureline VPN also has an excellent call-in customer service option. You also get a reliable antivirus solution for free – this is something we already mentioned in our Avast Secureline VPN review. The Czech Republic jurisdiction does not allow any router support – this is also one of the reasons we are not entirely satisfied with Avast’s services.

But, overall we really think that Avast Secureline has the potential to be a very good VPN provider. It will secure your personal data and will keep only personal logs. It also supports torrenting, and the connection is leak-free most of the time.

Most of the VPN companies do not allow you to stream on Netflix, but you will not have such concerns with Avast Secureline VPN. This is probably not the best VPN company, but we have seen worse and we know that it has the potential to do better.

Consider your purposes because there are many VPN providers, and you will have many options to choose from. You can check if Avast Secureline will suit your needs with its free seven-day trial version.

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